ForgetMeNotPastimes' Shop Announcement

ForgetMeNotPastimes is a mélange of treasures. Add to your Favorites and check daily. You just never know what I will list. You may be surprised and pleased.

I love juntiquing, and I not only hoard for my own pleasure, but also to share with my etsy customers. I use some of the lovely linens, laces, buttons, and other bits and pieces to create unique boho and handmade clothing and related items.

I am always on the lookout for shabby, tattered, rustic, and boho stuff. I also offer boots and other interesting gear.

So, remember, FORGET ME NOT for a great mélange of treasures.

Just a Note...You may notice that I have been negligent about listing on my etsy account recently. My husband was ill for some time before he passed away, so I have not had the time or the desire to make the effort. I am also in the process of moving, but I plan to become more active and list more items you will find to your liking.

June thanks you.