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Handcrafted natural reclaimed wood soap dishes - made in Portland, Oregon USA - highest quality - lowest price - GUARANTEED
I make most all of my soap dishes and other various wood products from wood scraps that I retrieve by the pallet from one of the largest lumber supplier and mill in the Portland area. My strong business relationship with the lumber supplier goes back to the days of our family custom cabinet business. I've carried that relationship into my new business. The mill is supplying me with all short mill end pieces that are worthless to them, but to me they are the perfect manageable size for what I am making. It's a win-win...much better than sending the small pieces to China where they will be ground up and used for particle board and then sold back to the US for cheap cabinet and construction materials.

* * * * * TOY BUILDING BLOCKS ARE BACK!!!! * * * * *
I was out of stock for the past several weeks, but now I am stocked back up and ready to roll out sets of handcrafted natural wood building blocks!

I am able to offer the LOWEST prices on natural and reclaimed wood products simply because I make all of my products in large batches. DON'T be fooled...LOWEST PRICES do not mean lesser quality. My feedback section speaks for itself...
DON'T pay twice as much for a similar product!!

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Whether you purchase a 24 piece starter set or the 118 piece deluxe set, all of my toy buildings blocks sets are made of the same piece sizes and any set of building blocks can be combined. So, if you are curious about my blocks, but are not ready to commit to the deluxe set, grab yourself a starter set and add onto later as you desire!!

* * * * * *

Why Toy Building Blocks?
Because they are toys that grow with your child!

Wood Building Blocks are a good investment because children may continue to use them as they grow. Infants and toddlers enjoy simply touching and gripping larger, textured blocks. As toddlers, they develop more muscle control and are able to combine blocks, stack them, or line them up. Two-year-olds may demonstrate their first attempts at building structures, and show the beginnings of fantasy play.

Around the age of three, children learn how to balance and fit pieces together to build sturdier towers, then bridges and enclosures. Threes and fours begin to recognize designs and patterns, their towers and buildings becoming works of art. In kindergarten and early primary grades, blocks allow children to recreate structures, cities and landscapes from everyday life.

* * * * * * * *

Are my products awesome? I think so, but don't take my word for it...


"Our new blocks arrived today (such fast shipping) and we have already built a castle, stairs and a pagoda. Great assortment, and a great value! The blocks have a lovely smooth finish, the shapes are progressive and our set is a mixed bag of wood types - great for us and visually interesting for building. Simply thrilled."
Emily from Alabama

"These blocks are great. They were a Christmas present to our 1 year old. I think my husband may like them more than he does though. "

"I finally was able to give this to my son for Christmas, and he LOVED it. He's 4 1/2. But what was funny is that his 36-year-old uncle loved it, as did his 40-year-old dad. It was a hit! Thanks so much, these are great!"
Jennifer from Massachusetts

"awesome transaction! I ordered way too late for Christmas, but sell came through big time! My blocks arrived before Christmas and they are beautiful. My son loves them. Thank you!"
Carole from Florida

"The blocks are beautiful and were delivered quickly. My nephew is going to love having some blocks to play with!"
Alissa from Minnesota

Me and my husband couldn't stop playing with them... can't wait for the kids to get them for Christmas!
Kim from Colorado

"Fast delivery. Great precision product! Love the wood grain... So much better than plastic!!!"
Jacqueline from Nevada

"These are awesome! Perfect for my 2 1/2 yo grandson! really quick shipment!"
Debra from Missouri

"I can't believe you managed to fit that many blocks into that small of a box - masterful packing!!!! Great product, stacks well, and even smells good!"
Gretchen from Ohio

"Amazing product, FAST shipping, EXCELLENT communication. My son is gonna be SOOOOOO thrilled XMas morning. Thank you. Recommend to anyone!!"
Alicia from Ontario Canada

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