JdcGem's Shop Announcement

Welcome to JdcGem. This shop sells only hand-cut gemstone cabochons, hand-cut gemstone beads, and handmade jewelry. I hope that among the many items I have listed you can find something that strikes your fancy. And whether you're ready to buy or not, I always enjoy hearing about it when someone likes my work. If you ever have any questions about anything I have for sale, don't hesitate to send me a convo; I'll be happy to respond.
Every item I have listed is sold with "satisfaction guaranteed". If you are dissatisfied with something you buy from me, for any reason, return it to me within thirty days, in the condition that you received it, and I'll refund your money as soon as I receive the item.
The rough gemstone material that I work with is one hundred pecent natural, with some very few exceptions. The exceptions, (usually turquoise that has been stabilized) are always specifically stated in the description under "Treatment".
To me a cabochon is a stone with a relatively flat back and sides that are curved enough that the stone can be captured with a metal bezel or prongs. A bead is any stone that has a hole in it. While many of my beads have a flat back, many of them do not. I will mention in the description when the back is not flat. I take three pictures of every stone: first, a front view; second, a front view with rulers to show size; and third, a back view. Beads that are drilled from side to side will have an edge view, to show the hole.
For those of you who don't know, in the jewelry trade the word "calibrated" is used to refer to stones the are cut to predetermined sizes and shapes that will fit into premade settings. To me, any stone that isn't "calibrated", is a "custom-cut". Almost all of my stones are custom cut. I like to think that I let the piece of rough material I am working with, determine what the final size and shape of the finished stone will be. I hope that you will find something that you like among the many pieces I am offering.