LadyIdun's Shop Announcement

5/3...Welcome to our shop. Many new people have wrote me these past few months and asked if we are open for business and the answer is .....Yes we are open :) Why aren't there any hair sticks they ask? ...We are trying to keep up the best we can as Richard is still putting in many hours and still working 7 days a week. What we usually do these past years is take a long break around this time but, we have decided to stay open this year. You may see some days with no listings at all and at the end of each month a possible notice of a short break as we did this month.
If sales do slow down we will consider maybe taking some time off but, until then full steam ahead with production :-)

Thanks for your wonderful business.
Melissa and Richard

Customs and Limits******

2/10....As many of you know we have tried a few things these past six months to help everyone get some of our sticks with some success. After doing this for sometime we feel the best thing is to go back to our original idea when we first opened our shop five years ago and that is to make hair sticks and enjoy doing it. To make customs is not in our plans anymore due to age and health reasons.

Limit.....We are continuing the two stick limit per week for the time being . We feel this is the best way for now until things calm down and we can get some stock ahead.

Our week starts on Monday through Sunday so that means if you purchase two on Sunday. Monday is the new week. You may purchase again two more. Anyone that goes over their limit will be canceled. Although we don't like doing this, we feel this is the only way to be fair to everyone.

Please don't ask for special favors to bend our policies. We have struggled with this for years and most of you know we did it for everyone including you.

Thank you for your continued business with us,
Melissa and Richard

You may see a reserve on some sticks now and then. These are special cases for the ones that have never got a stick from us as of yet or other circumstances of our choosing.


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