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The Holiday season is upon us! This year, I'm letting you take advantage of my Black Friday sale for a full WEEK! Sale ends December 1st.
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I'm rebranding my jewelry line from MOOD to MELANIE GOLDEN METALSMITH! This is going to be a slow process, but I hope that you continue to follow me. MOOD has endured a lot of confusion over the years because of the name in relation to what I create (people always expect 'mood jewelry', such as mood rings), and I've always wanted my name attached to my work, so i've been working hard planning this rebranding movement for many months, and the time has come to slowly start the switch. I'm very excited to venture down this slightly changed path and to see where it will lead. I hope you decide to join me!

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Expertly handcrafted, my collection of jewelry is handmade by me, Melanie Golden, in my home studio in Odessa, Texas. I only use the finest materials available such as genuine high-quality gemstones and precious metals like sterling silver and gold.
I create the jewelry with wearability in mind, so you'll never come across anything that is a 'one-time-piece', as I produce all pieces with everyday in mind.

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