MalcolmFielding's Shop Announcement

My area of focus is spindles for hand spinning. I tend to make more supported spindles than drop spindles. I do other types such as Turkish and Akha spindles. Everything I make is guaranteed to please and of heirloom quality. In the unlikely event of any problem I'll resolve that to your satisfaction or refund you.

I am NOT able to take custom orders or engage in Etsy conversations about made to order items.

I have worked with wood for my living for most of a lifetime and I especially enjoy creating beautiful objects which are also functional tools. My work uses a large range of woods, augmented by other materials (metals, decorative plastics, bone

Established as a woodturner in 1982, resident in Australia since 1995, I learned my craft in the UK. I see myself working as a member of a long-established tradition, that of the fine craft maker, as epitomised by workers such as William Morris and Eric Gill. In today's technologically dominated world, the craft maker is fast becoming a threatened species, in the industrialised western nations at least. Your support of my work keeps alive a vital part of human knowledge - how to make things of beauty.