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Welcome to my shop and thank you for visiting Mark Chuck Ceramics. I first would like to say that I love bringing fish to the table in an elegant and most unusual way. Either as cups, teapots,saucers, plates, or vessels. My work is ORIGINAL and is made only by me. Each piece takes countless amount of time from start to finish and it all happens in my Northeastern Pennsylvania Studio.

My work is not slip cast with not one alike. Each piece is made individualy from a fine Grolleg Porcelain. And some of the glazes are accurately weighed and mixed by me. My pieces take countless hours to create. Each piece is a reflection of my passions, my soul, and my spirit.

My great passions in nature are water, color, fire and clay.  I find excitement and joy in each of them individually, but find a deeper satisfaction when I can merge them in my porcelain creations.  My current body of work reflects my love for the wild spaces and the colors and forms in nature. My artistic efforts, captures the magnificence and subtleties of all of these elements.

A unique characteristic of clay is its ability to preserve the finest details of surface impressions.  I create a plaster moulds that capture the essence, and nature of elements and reflect the surface textures of things I find in nature.  The plasters retain the delicate and subtle texture of each features of my subject.  I use these mould to imprint the captured elements that emulate the essence of my subject in the clay body. 
The resulting impressed clay must be handled with care and patience.  I cannot touch the exterior of the piece while creating the object, as even the lightest touch could diminish the subtleties of each texture. 
I must be meticulous about every detail of the surface image regarding form, texture and color. 
The colors chosen are derived from a super sensitive examination of surface and careful selection and blending of glaze to insure a harmonious surface. I want my finished product to capture the color, variety, essential subtleties found in nature.  With each work, I strive to evoke the individuality and uniqueness of the original subject, while still imparting the intellectual and tactile reality of my creative efforts.
 Each piece is a reflection of my passions, my vision, and my spirit.  

*No trout were harmed in creating of my art, trout are our friends*
The colors and shapes reflect those of the fish I catch and release.

Chinese /Japanese Tea Ceremony History :
Tea cup without a handle is a good device to test the
temperature of the tea.
If it is too hot for me to hold the cup, that means the
tea is too hot for my lips. If I can hold the cup and
feel warm and comfortable, that means the tea is ready for
me to drink. Drinking tea this way was meant to warm the hands as well as the soul.

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