MeredithMyersDesigns' Shop Announcement

Created By Meredith Myers

“Fashions that are LITERARY fabulous!”

I originally launched Meredith Myers Designs in 2004 after finding my grandmother's sewing machine collecting dust in the garage. It gave me something fun to do while I applied for jobs and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Since I'd always had an eye for fashion and fabric, it made sense that if I couldn't find what I wanted in stores, I might as well make it myself!

Then I decided to go be a librarian...and move to Los Angeles. So the poor sewing machine that I loved so much went back to collecting dust in the garage. However after five years in LA and no library jobs on the horizon, I found myself back in Florida sitting at that sewing machine again.

As the Stand-Up Librarian, (a term I created in 2010 after graduating with my Masters degree in Library & Information Sciences), my mission has always been to educate and entertain people about the importance of literacy and libraries. I believe all of us can be advocates for libraries whether we work in them or not. So in addition to my literary comedy shows, library programs, and literary music videos showcased on, I am now promoting literacy with STAND-UP LIBRARIAN DESIGNS!

I think the only thing cooler than reading a good book is WEARING IT, so with each literary purse, hat, bow tie or headband, I hope to continue to share with the world the importance and necessity of our libraries and literature. All products are made to order by me (when I am not on stage or at the library.) The fabrics are also chosen by me - depending on season, availability and pure inspiration by what books I am reading at the time. All bags are fully-lined in coordinating fabrics and contain strong zippers so you won't lose that library card. I offer various price ranges so whether you are a library student, library director or bestselling author, you can find a Stand-Up Librarian original in your price range!

I hope you will enjoy my literary accessories as much as I loved reading them...I mean making them!

Stand up for libraries...

Librarian. Comedian. Designer. Writer. Publicist. ADVOCATE.

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