MiniMonetCrayons' Shop Announcement

Welcome! I am always happy to try to accommodate multiple custom crayon orders for party favors or class gifts, and I will work with you on your theme. I do need adequate lead time, though, for production and to get the necessary Crayola crayons if I do not already have the colors you want in stock. If you would like to order more than one of my listings, please email/convo me for a COUPON CODE! (And to let me know when your deadline is, so I can determine whether or not I'll be able to help!)

What makes my shop unique? I create primarily with toddlers in mind. There are some really cool upcycled crayons in other Etsy shops, but with most cool shapes you have to use a plastic candy mold intended for chocolate making. Lovely detail, but usually not very thick. Chocolate makers want you to be able to bite through their chocolate. I do not want your children to be able to bite through their crayons! My listings indicate which shapes are safe for kids as young as 12 months in the shop section "Toddler Friendly."

In the cases where I do use candy molds, I over-fill each cavity to ensure the THICKEST POSSIBLE CRAYON. If you see an item in my shop that is offered elsewhere at a lesser price, I urge you to please check with the seller for a thickness measurement if you are purchasing that shape for a child under 3. Crayons made in the same mold all look alike from the top, but the side view can be a very different story! I always try to include a side view of my products so you can see their thickness relative to a regular Crayola crayon.

How much do I care about quality, value, and safety? I will decline requests for small crayons intended for use at toddler or pre-toddler parties. I always perform "drop tests" on my crayons when I try a new mold. If a finished crayon produced from the new mold shatters upon impact with a hard floor from a height of three feet, I do not put it in my Toddler- Friendly section. The crayons I use are sourced from local public libraries, daycare centers, and preschools. When I run low on stock and have to fill a custom order, I will use new crayons where necessary.

I am the mom of a very active five-year-old girl who LOVES to color. She colors everything from herself to the walls (and occasionally paper). I wanted to encourage her artistic expression when she was younger, so I combined her favorite shape (an "I wonder") with her favorite colors (oranges, yellows, pinks) and came up with the first Mini Monet item, the Multi-colored Star.

As I find more molds, I experiment and add shapes to the line. If you're looking for a shape that's not in my shop, please send me a convo. It's quite possible I have it and haven't listed it yet, or it might be possible to order it in time to suit your needs.

In addition to Mini Monet and Momma-hood, I attend college part-time and have 5 rescued pets. I run a busy, disorganized, toy-filled household with marshmallows in the breadbox beside the whole-grain bread, but people say I'm very easy to work with :)

I use only Crayola brand crayons, as I feel they are the highest quality and they are completely non-toxic. Also, they are mostly made in America, as opposed to China or Mexico (some of Crayola's manufacturing process is done in Mexico, but other brands do all their manufacturing in other countries).

Please see this link to read about Crayola's Commitment to Product Safety:

Crayola also operates an environmentally-friendly solar farm that provides the energy to make a large portion of their products:

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a Crayola employee, and Crayola does not officially endorse any of my products.


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