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Greetings, visitor and welcome to my little store!

My name is Olga Anikeeva (pronounced: anee-‘kay-yeva) and I’m a big enthusiast of embroidery. Since quite a long ago, it has been important part of my life, almost always being present in my musings about things that I make, in books that I read, in communications with needlework community, and in various items that surround me in my house.

O, these items! Over the years, they have so grown in number... But nontheless I still enjoy making them and just cannot convince myself to stop. Which is why I have decided to offer some of them to you, dear visitor.

My work is not only about what I do but how, too. Generally, I can work on projects wherever opportunity presents itself. But most of all I like working the old-fashioned way, at home sitting in an armchair by the window. Neither the type of the item I make nor the technique employed matter much. A curtain or a placemat made in needlelace or cutwork – it’s all the same. What is important that the item must be something I enjoy making and that it should fit for my cozy old house.

My work comes out best when I happen to be in this very special and delicate state of mind that feels like a flow. The house woud be quiet, just the clock would be ticking on the kitchen wall and the church bell would, now and then, toll its quarter-hours – one-nnn, one-nnn-two-ooo, one-nnn-two-ooo-three-eee… At moments like these, I often feel as if I live in the past, some hundred or hundred and fifty years ago, in harmony with my house and my passion for needlework. A very comfortable and reassuring feeling that somehow (literally) rubs off onto my embroidery. A feeling that I want to share with you, dear visitor.

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