MyArtistWithin's Shop Announcement

I am an art teacher. I have been teaching at my studio for 7 years. Well I have tons of painting sample canvases. I had kept them because I love them. But it's time to let them go. I am selling them dirt cheap. The amount of hours in the paintings are not represented by the price. Take advantage of this sale. It' may be another 7 years before I have another one. Now many of the samples are reproductions. Of what and where ci couldn't tell you. Some were from books, internet, photography and many of my students brought in pictures for us to try and copy. the price I 'm charging is just for my time and material.Each painting will state if complete reproduction, partial reproduction or original. Ask me if you have any questions.

the one thing you will find is always something pretty. Whether it be something unusual or even dark it will always be pretty. I If you have any item requests please let me know, I love to do custom work.
Please note: I retain all copyrights for my work. Please do not reproduce anything without my written consent.
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