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VALENTINE's Day is in 10 days! Lots of items READY TO SHIP or ready to turn around quickly. I have other merchandise on hand so convo me.. I may have something for you ready to go! ~OctopusME!

Artistry, design and craftsmanship. OctopusME jewelry is a unique original. In 2006 when I came up with the idea of using tentacles as my inspiration, the concept was unproven. I had studied and taught casting in my hometown of San Francisco and wanted to do something that was challenging, inspirational and new. Through trial and error and countless hours of experimentation, I am able to present to you, a hand crafted collection made with integrity and the finest materials available.

OctopusME is not costume jewelry. These pieces are not mass-produced. Each piece is cast in precious metal, and meticulously textured and finished by hand. Each stone and gem is hand picked for maximum brilliance and luster. Every piece is individual.

My work has been published in a wide variety of magazines, websites and art blogs and worn by collectors, artists, and naturalists worldwide. I have collaborated with many of my clients to create truly unique pieces that become an expression of their love and personality.

Please browse my most recent work, and feel free to contact me with any requests for something you may not see.

The Octopus is a symbol of Transformation and Regeneration. Also coined as the Master of Disguise, the Octopus can transform itself by changing colors and textures for camouflage to escape from predators. They are considered to be the most intelligent of invertebrates and can manipulate their soft bodies to fit through the smallest cracks or crevices. Octopi also have amazing Regeneration powers so If an octopus loses an arm in battle it can grow a new one. Some can even detach an arm to distract predators and then grow another! Don't mess with the Blue-Ringed Octopus because they can stun or kill you with one poisonous bite so treat your Octopus with Love!

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- Paxton Gate, San Francisco. Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique in San Francisco, Paxton Gate in Portland,www.KatBret.com, Fashionbliss.com, Artillery A.G. Gallery San Francisco... In Oakland, CA I'm at The Gondola Servizio Gift Shop at the Lake Chalet on Lake Merrit, Janko and Oakland Supply Co. owned by Oaklandish!

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