PetersBride's Shop Announcement

WELCOME! Elegant, refined mantillas and chapel veils for mass, first communion, confirmation or for your wedding day. Peter's Bride designs and makes mantillas that will uplift your spirits!

~~~~~ ><((O> ~~~ Join me on where I continue to discover, practice and reflect on the magnificence of the Catholic faith and what it means for women to veil in this modern age. ~~~ <O))><~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hours of Operation~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The beautiful thing about Etsy is that it is open 24 hours a day, making it accessible to people all over the world! Having said this, please know that on Sundays, I do not answer emails or address transactions. Any emails or transactions received on Sunday will be promptly addressed on Monday. Thank you so much for your understanding. :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story of Peter's Bride~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Welcome! I named this shop after my wonderful husband, Peter, who encourages all of my creative endeavors, however small. I have loved fabrics since I was a child and fondly remember sewing and creating since I was about 8 or 9. I believe in supporting crafters and artisans, as well as taking up the needle and thread (or ball of yarn) to create for myself. If you are reading this, chances are you do too.

My veils and mantillas are designed and made by me and can take hours to make due to the nature of the fabrics I use. While it looks like a piece of lace sewn onto another, I find it to be a surprisingly creative process with interesting challenges. I offer this work up to my Holy Mother, Mary, who is the most inspirational lady of all, and to my late mother, Mary, who passed the faith on to me, and who delighted in seeing my mantilla creations.

+++++++Thoughts about Veils and Mantillas in Two Parts++++++++++

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part I: Mantillas to Mass?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Absolutely! I began wearing mantillas to Sunday mass in 2008. In addition to giving reverence, I discovered the unexpected benefit of feeling truly feminine. If you would like to learn more about veiling for church, visit:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part II: If you're a Bride~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Congratulations! Being a bride-to-be is an exciting time! So many details to consider... The dress! The wedding day! Married life! To help you to think about your wedding veil, I offer a few thoughts on choosing your wedding veil...

Look through magazines to find pictures of veils that inspire you. However, remember that just because the veil looks great in the picture, it does not necessarily mean that it is exactly right for you and your gown. Looking at pictures gives you an idea of what length you might like, how the veil might suit your intended hairstyle, and so on. Do not forget to consider your height and the height of your wedding shoes. These, paired with where the veil will sit on your head (crown vs. low, above the nape of your neck, at the occipital bone), also affect where the wedding veil will fall on you.

Things to consider when choosing your wedding veil:

Color... What color is your gown? White? Ivory? Other?

Tiers... One? Two? Three?

Edging: Do you want lace? Cording? Satin bias? Rolled hem? Raw?

Length... Veils come in different lengths. Here is a general guide to help you.
Wedding Veil Lengths:
Blusher: 21 inches
Shoulder Length: 24 inches
Elbow Length: 29 inches
Petite Fingertip Length: 35 inches
Fingertip Length: 42 inches
Waltz Length: 52 inches
Chapel Length: 88 inches
Cathedral Length: 106 inches
Regal Length: 120 inches

Last, but not least....

Embellishments... Are there embellishments on the gown? Pearls? Crystals? Seed beads?

I hope these considerations are helpful to you. If I can be of service, please contact me at the link provided!

Peace be with you,

aka Peter’s Bride

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