PinkPaperTrail's Shop Announcement

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (Before making a purchase)

PLEASE READ before making any purchase/s!

If you have not read this notice and made a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact me for your concerns.

I would just like to give my notice that turnaround for invitations is 3-7 business days while custom made items at 5-10 business days. This will overrule the usual turnaround time of 3-5 business days for invitation and 5-7 days for custom made order. I just gave birth and I am the only one managing and doing everything in my shop, I hope you will bear with me. Like my prior request, please, please do not make any purchases if you are in a hurry and bombard me with email that I am not immediately responding. I am really trying my best to get to each and every order, email and inquiry, I take them only as they come (or on a first come, first served basis). I start from the bottom of my mail going to the top with the newest mail. It will be best to send me a convo or email first before making any purchases, I usually respond within 24 hours (please consider our timezone differences, I am from Asia). On the other hand, instant downloadable items will always be available and ready for purchase. Rest assured that those orders (custom orders, made to orders and the like) sent prior this announcement and to all those that I am current in constant communication with will all be sent accordingly.

I am really looking forward to all your consideration and patience and that you would also bear with me.

Thank you so very much!



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Pink Paper Trail (formerly Xreations) offers unique party invitations, collage sheets, images, graphics, ATC / ACEO and other printable supplies in high quality for your handmade and digital arts and crafts. Use them for your jewelry making, scrapbooks, household displays, furniture and a lot more!

Contact us if you have a specific requirement for your art and we'd be more than glad to serve you the best we can!

Want a 20% discount on your next purchase at Pink Paper Trail???
Just send me photos of your event that features your purchase from Pink Paper Trail and claim your 20% discount on your next purchase (discount applies to any item in my shop). Claim it anytime (next year, next next year... etc.), claim it by replying to this email with the attached photo/s (without any watermarks) and I will give you your discount code.

Note: The photo/s sent by clients will be used in my shop and/or blog, social networking sites as a sample image of actual print outs and actual events. Please remember NEVER to send photos if you will not allow this type of usage. The copyright of the photos will still belong to its original owner and I will NEVER claim them as my own. If you want to credit your photographer, please let me know.
If you would like your party to be featured in my blog, please please do email me and let me know.