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Robin Norgren, M.A.Th, is a Creativity Facilitator and Business Coach living in King George, Virginia. She received her business coaching certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and received a B.S. in Management from Arizona State University and a M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Josey's Art School offers many types of creativity programs for kids and adults. We bring all equipment and supplies to you.

Our Options include:

Art Masterpiece Program - This program is organized in a similar fashion as Art Museum kid's classes where we offer a brief art history lesson and then create an art project focused on the artist we explore.

The Art and Literacy Project - This program introduces kids to fun stories and then invites them to explore the images or concepts within the book through an arts and crafts project. This one is our most popular program having been utilized as curriculum at two Montessori schools in Arizona.

Art Experiences: Mixed media Projects -This program offers a unique way of teaching art technique to children. We work with all types of paint, watercolors, scrapbook paper and random items we use in our day to day lives. This program is created by a Montessori trained teacher who recognizes and honors the various age groups in the classroom and modifies/amplifies the lesson based on skill level.

I Like Me: Confidence Building Art - These projects are geared towards establishing art as a means to work through stress and anxiety and develop self esteem.

Wine and Paint/Art Workshops for Women - We offer a multitude of projects that you will not only love creating but will be proud to hang in your home or give as a gift.

We also create Summer Camps, Workshops and Birthday party experiences

Coming Soon: Sewing workshops for kids

I truly believe that art is a vital component in our lives, promoting peace joy and a sense of connectedness to ourselves and with each other. My work builds a foundation that helps children develop coping skills for stress and anxiety which they will draw from time and again throughout their lifetimes. We offer opportunities for adults to play as well.

Our mission is to ignite creativity in children and adults.


Would you like to start a Business Teaching Art Classes to Kids? I offer full access to a list to my art supplies, my marketing plan AND 5 weeks of lesson for 3 styles of art curriculum

Hi creative friend,
You have experienced the value of art in your life and you want to offer this gift to children. I did too. I loved the process of creating and I just needed someone to give me a peek into how to structure a class, what products to buy, what to expect in the classroom and how to be an effective communicator and facilitator. Now I offer you many home business opportunities for your passion. Josey's Art School offer this business opportunity to anyone who is looking for work from home business opportunities teaching art that works around your schedule.

I am the mother of two artistic children. I did not feel very artistic but I did my best to have art supplies around for them as they grew. After a series of traumatic events, I needed help in coping with my life’s struggles. I turned to art journaling. I found that the process of making art was calming, transformative, healing. I suddenly tapped into the world that my children were experiencing.

Problem is that in many schools throughout the U.S., art has been cut from the curriculum and moved to the status of ‘extracurricular’ activity instead of the valued place it needs to hold in society: the holistic shaping of a child to increase coping skills, problem solving, patience, imagination, joy.
I sense that if you find yourself on this page it is because you want to make a difference in a child’s life and art is the way you feel drawn to do it.

Teach Art to Children 101 provides you with a way to develop art programs for your home, local schools or community centers. I provide you with a handbook that provides you with such information as:
• what should be in your art supply arsenal
• how to structure 4-8 week programs for local schools, community centers or home school environments
• how to pitch to schools in your area
• best practices for getting started as an art teacher.

I offer a variety of art curriculums in turn key fashion so that you can begin to teach art TODAY.
Teach Art to Children 101 provides you with a handbook with step by step instructions in both PDF and hard copy along with step by step, beautifully photographed and detailed lessons in PDF form that you can print off and place in your working binder. I will show you everything you need to know so that you can begin to teach kids in a way that is fun for both you and your group.
You will gain IMMEDIATE access to the PDF materials and your handbook will arrive in the mail in approximately 2 weeks.
Your curriculum will cover 15 lessons offering a sample of three styles of curriculum:
• How to be Inspired Series
• book themed art
• Teaching Art with the Masters.

Who is this program for?
-anyone interested in a fun and rewarding business opportunity
-anyone who likes the idea of having an extremely flexible schedule; most classes are 1.5 hours long including set up giving you the flexibility to work a ton or work around commitments like school or family
-anyone who wants to teach art classes to their kids

-anyone who wants to create additional income

-anyone who wants a refresher course on how to teach kids without having to browse the internet and parse out the information

-homeschool educators looking for a clear concise art program with options for teaching various styles of art

-anyone who is aligned with the Montessori philosophy and looking to teach art in that setting

How it works
1. Pay online through my big cartel shop or my paypal button
2. Receive the link to the materials within 24 hours
3. Read through the materials. The ENTIRE content of the program is delivered immediately. No waiting!
5. Subscribe to my newsletter for bi-monthly tips and current inspirational articles about teaching art to kids
All you need is an internet connection.

Topics covered in this program:

• ART SUPPLIES WITH LINKS: what I like, where to buy them and how to use them
• Dealing with FREE-CHOICE TIME and early finishers
• Working through “MISTAKES”
• The best time to use templates
• How to utilize observation as an art tool
• Art Masterpiece Style art lessons
• MIXED-MEDIA art lessons
• How to teach and complete a lesson in 45 MINUTES
• What to do if your class is longer/shorter than 45 minutes
• How to use watercolors effectively
• The best way to document art work
• How to create an art walk/art gallery for the end of your sessions
• The most current information on the value of creativity
• How to pitch to schools/community centers
• How to create school break and summer camps
• How EXACTLY to market your classes and how to connect with programs who have budgets
• How to create a birthday party business
• email/phone scripts and who to contact to set up your classes
• step-by-step guide to promoting your art classes, no matter where you live.
With the transition moving from a STEM learning environment to a STEAM* learning environment, This IS YOUR time to teach what you love.
*Read about STEAM: click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

Will I really be able to teach art AND make money doing it ?
Yes. But This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I can tell you from my personal experience, I began this journey into teaching art in the summer of 2015 with all the materials that I am sharing with you:
• Taught over 20 classes in my local community center
• Got interviewed and hired as an on call art sub
• Got interviewed and was hired as the artist liaison for K-8 BASED on my website
• Got hired to teach art at an afterschool program for Grades 3-6
• developed and taught an art masterpiece program for my daughter’s 4th grade class
• Pitched and scored a gig teaching 3 classes on Sunday at a local music studio
• Pitched and got hired to create school break camps for 2 local yoga studios
• Created a birthday party planning business around my art classes
I do NOT have an ART degree
This took HUSTLE.
I made the calls. I booked the meetings. I made sure I had online presence. And NONE of these gigs came from friends/family connections.
Are you looking at other opportunities SIMILAR to this one?
Here are some questions to ask. Do they offer:
• Templates of flyers and contracts
• Option to work for them as an independent contractor
• Listing on THEIR website
• Logos to use on flyers and business cards
• A complete list WITH LINKS of what I have in my art supplies arsenal so that you are ready to launch your business
• List of more than 25 potential client bases for you to market your business
• Full access to my ACTUAL pricing structure for each teaching setting
• A detailed look at how to create a birthday party business
• An opportunity for you to earn money when you refer others to this program
 QA coaching package

53 PAGE PDF – Josey’s Art School Presents Start a Business Teaching Art to Kids
(which includes FULL list of supplies to get you started)
Hard copy of the manual

15 full color art lessons - 183 page PDF - you could work at ONE school and offer 3 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT art programs – all lessons are different and have been KID TESTED

Includes all of the above
+ 1 hour of business coaching with me (can be broken up into 2 - ½ hour segments)



My Youtube channel offers art and creativity projects along with discussion on how to live life more fully. Gather some people together, buy one of my books, and check out

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