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Welcome to our Eco-farm where you can find natural products for a healthy home & body.♡

Humane feathers, cruelty free English angora rabbit wool, cruelty free mohair, organic cotton, Eco-friendly cat toys, organic salves & ointments, organic lip balms & salves, & organic Non GMO seeds (we are proud to be the 1st business in WV to sign the Safe Seed Pledge). Get out of the toxic chemical soup bath & into our pure & fun products!

Our humane products exceed the weak USDA Organic standards. Did you know that something can have the organic seal yet contain chemicals? Giant companies are always pushing for weaker organic standards. The USDA allows hundreds of non-organic additives in certified organic foods!

All of our feathers are from humanely raised birds who live outside 365 days a year free ranging on pasture the way Mother Nature intended. Our ducks enjoy our large pond as well as our pasture. Our birds are raised holistically & organically. When they are not eating bugs, grass & other tidbits they find while foraging they enjoy certified organic feed that we special order. None of our feathers are plucked from live birds. Our birds feathers are cruelty free, no kill, naturally molted, etc. We do our best to make note of their status in their listings, but we cannot always remember how all of them were obtained. We've been raising poultry for years now & have collected a lot of feathers as a result.

Our angora rabbit wool is from bunnies who are raised outdoors & enjoy our lush pastures in the spring. They are fed organic herbs & veggies that we grow right here on our eco family farm. They all have toys to play with & ample amounts of hay from our own chemical free pastures. We do not deny our angora bunnies the joys of life in order to make maintaining their coats easier on us. Our primary goal is for the mental & physical health of the bunny. Besides hay, veggies, herbs & apple wood our bunnies are fed organic feed that we special order.

Our mohair is from our angora goats who are raised outdoors on pasture. Our goats are fed hay from our own chemical free pastures. We supplement their natural forage with certified organic feed that we special order. Our goats are like having a herd of toddlers, always underfoot & getting into mischief. They are sweet, playful, happy & affectionate animals that are not only beautiful to look at but also one of our favorite animals to raise.

Our seeds are from plants we started from certified organic non GMO seed. We do not re-sell seeds, you get seed that we save from our own plants. We are proud to be the first business in West Virginia to sign the Safe Seed Pledge. We never use chemicals of any kind, not even the organic approved types. We believe in working with Mother Nature not against her.

Our cat toys are filled with only pure & natural ingredients such as feathers from our own birds, rabbit wool from our own rabbits & catnip from our own plants. We do not use artificial polyfill or other man made toxic fillers.

Our eclectic shop is a reflection of what we do on our farm. Every item is listed with consideration to the impact our actions create on future generations...

♡Welcome to our eco family farm where you can find what you need to keep a healthy, happy home naturally!♡

We currently do not accept custom order requests. If you do not see what you are looking for than odds are we do not produce it.

Thank You so very much for supporting us on our journey, we couldn't do what we do without you!

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