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Vintage, boho chic, alternative clothing and art

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Thanks for stopping by at Saphoona! I am an autodidactic verbal and visual artist whose work has sold in the US and Internationally.

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I am an artist who also has a passion for vintage clothing and I've combined both my loves into one shoppe called Saphoona [pronounced "saf - ooh' - nuh]. I "opened" my shoppe in 2008, but that was just to secure the shoppe name, should I want to use it in the future. At that time I was putting most of my effort into my other websites including my stand-alone clothing shoppe located elsewhere online. Years later I decided to add Etsy to my repertoire. Feel free to have a look around. You can find some fun, wonderful and unique items here!

I am currently living in the middle of nowhere in a huge Victorian farmhouse that I am renovating to look like a Brothers Quay movie set. I've just finished writing a new novel, I'm working on new art and doing a million other things. There are not enough hours in a day for me!

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- Artist's Statement -

I am insignificant. I am substantial. I am soldered with laughter and tears. I am Xerox opposed. A small, peculiar refugee on a journey copious and delphic. Ever mindful of the monsters along the way. I tuck them tightly in my hands so they will remember my imprint upon their skin.

My images and subject matter are not typically "pretty", and they are often disturbing. I like to think that my work will cause some sort of fluctuation in the attitude of the viewer, and this adjustment does not happen when things are too soundly anchored in the acceptable. In order for change to occur, the perception of the viewer must be moved around, altered or otherwise 'disturbed'.

My work centers mostly around myths and legends from ancient civilizations and other cultures. These myths and legends are important to us as a society because it gives us a glimpse into the evolution or devolution of humanity, as it may be. But I also weave my own life experience into each work, so these pieces are both historical and autobiographical... classical yet personal. It isn't unusual for me to take a month or two to complete a work. This timeline is from conception to completion. I spend a lot of time thinking about the piece before I actually start it. And I also spend a lot of time studying each piece as it progresses and weaving into it the stories that the piece speaks to me about.

My purpose as an artist is to make my viewers feel an emotional response. They don’t even have to understand the message in my work or understand why a particular work affects them so deeply. As long as it makes them feel something, even if for a brief moment, my mission as an artist has been completed.

Despite the medium, my work centers around three basic themes of dichotomous opposites:


we cannot have one, without the other.

I would like to close with a quote by fellow artist, Julian Schnabel. I feel that this quote sums up my experience with art and life, much better than i could ever hope to do via the written word.

There was a little prince with a magic crown.

An evil warlock kidnapped him, locked him in a cell in a huge tower and took away his voice.

There was a window with bars.

The prince kept smashing his head against the bars hoping that someone would hear the sound and find him.

The crown made the most beautiful sound that anyone ever heard. You could hear the ringing for miles and miles.

It was so beautiful that people wanted to grab the air.

They never found the prince.

He never got out of the cell.

But the sound he made filled everything up with beauty.

- X -

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    I am an artist who also has a passion for vintage clothing. And I've combined both loves into one shoppe!

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