Belly Bands for Male Dogs

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Belly Bands for Male Dogs

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Announcement   Welcome. SewDog Studio has a new product ---- Re-usable & washable Belly Band Pads. Shipping is a flat $3.00
I make excellent - superb - handsome - unique quilted male dog belly bands..... but terrible - awful pictures. Please overlook the photography ;) after all you are buying belly bands and not pictures. Really good thing too!


Last updated on May 30, 2017

Welcome. SewDog Studio has a new product ---- Re-usable & washable Belly Band Pads. Shipping is a flat $3.00
I make excellent - superb - handsome - unique quilted male dog belly bands..... but terrible - awful pictures. Please overlook the photography ;) after all you are buying belly bands and not pictures. Really good thing too!

SewDog Belly Bands

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SewDog Belly Bands

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5 out of 5 stars
R. Gabrielle Heffernan

R. Gabrielle Heffernan on Jun 15, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

This custom made belly band fits my Italian greyhound so good! The quality of the material and the stitching is really amazing and it came to my house so fast!

Kristin Lewis

Kristin Lewis on Jun 8, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

These are the best bands on the web. High quality, last forever. I buy them as fashion statements for my boys as well as to quell marking completions.

Kristin Lewis

Kristin Lewis on Jun 8, 2017

5 out of 5 stars

These are the best bands on the web. High quality, last forever. I buy them as fashion statements for my boys as well as to quell marking completions.

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Sewing is My Passion

Over 50 years of sewing... it has been a lifelong passion. I made my first dog bed in 1965 ? 1966 and my first "belly band" in 1973? before they had a name.. I made it out of a tube sock.... it was an emergency! If your boy is raising his leg in the house you understand the emergency. My bands have improved over the years; to say the least and they are truly the best. If there was a better way to make a band I would be sewing it.

A SewDog band is Unique and One of a Kind; not like any other belly band.... the taper style is elongated to fit the anatomy of a dog. There is a pocket/indention behind your dog's ribs and in front of his hips that this style of band fits into.... holding it in place and making it so comfortable too.

The quilting sets a SewDog band apart from the rest. Not just for looks. The quilting allows for a durable, flexible band; ability to mold to your boy's body.... quilting holds all the layers together so there is no wadding up in the washing and drying process. So comfortable your dog will hardly know he has it on. Strong and they last too; I have customers using their bands for 4 and 5 years. I have a customer who just needed new fabric to look at. She said "They just refuse to wear out." Thank you Lil for the compliment.

No special cleaning... just throw them in the washer and dryer... they come out exactly in the same shape as they go in. No wadding up. If you are one to air dry the SewDog label tab is perfect for that.


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    Owner, Maker, Designer, Custom Made Belly Bands Just For Your Boy

    I Would Love to Make a Band for Your Boy.!! For FABRIC CHOICES: CONVO OR EMAIL ME.. jani at Thank you for visiting my shop!

Shop policies

Last updated on February 17, 2017
RULES .... I really don't like "policies" and "rules" but they are necessary to run a business. I much prefer common sense "rules". I make the best quality product at a very reasonable price point, state upfront the why's I don't exchange, refund, or replace, ship only to the USA, yep, all 50 states and I strive for 5 star ***** service.

I don't put a lot of stock in customer ratings... oh yes, they are appreciated but customers have very busy lives and often don't leave ratings, others may give a less than stellar rating for very unreasonable reasons.

What I do value are almost every customer I have is a repeat customer and has been for years or they soon will become a repeat customer ;).

I love helping customers with how and where to measure, answering questions, developing friendships, welcoming the new pups and comforting the old ones.

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PAYMENT: PayPal most credit cards can be processed through PayPal as well
SHIPPING: Upon cleared payment. USA ONLY (all 50 states) 1st Class with Tracking through USPS $3.00 for 1 or more it's just a flat $3.00
1. Ready-to-Mail items are mailed within 24 hours... I do my best for same day service.
2. Custom Made-by-order items are mailed within 2 no more than 3 days once I receive all the requested measurements and fabric choice. Large Orders (6 or more) may take an extra day, will depend on size of bands.
Refunds and Exchanges

SewDog belly bands are not returnable, not refunded and not exchanged. PLEASE MEASURE CORRECTLY. If you have any questions about measuring please contact me before purchasing.

Customers do not want to purchase a belly band that has been on another dog. Dogs carry parasites, viruses, skin disorders.... think health and cleanliness. If despite my statements you do send a belly band back to me it is thrown away at the post office.... and no refund or exchange is provided.

A lot of time and consideration go into each and every SewDog Belly Band. From Bolt to Package each belly band can take from 2 to 5+ hours to make depending on the size. All items are measured numerous times throughout the cutting, sewing, photographing and packaging process for accuracy. Each ready-to-mail band is described individually with measurements, pictures and description of fabrics used. This is a time consuming process we do for our customers to get a good fit for their boy as well as know exactly what to expect. I take photos of all items made with a steel ruler to show the sizing. No two handmade items are identical. Also suggestions and policies are listed.

...If I make a mistake, if there is a flaw in the workmanship; of course I will go above & beyond to make it right for you.

Having happy dogs and owners are my first priority. Errors happen, I hate it for my customers and myself. I own my mistakes and of course will make it right.

For a customer order mistake I try to help... in bands purchased too small I can make an extender; with too large a band you can try adding a pad up the inside sides of the band.

 Please contact me at jani at for any questions you might have.
Additional policies and FAQs
GUARANTEE ~ Items are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship for one year.
What does that mean exactly.
....... If a seam opens, ravels or the Velcro won't stick together then I will repair, replace the band or refund your money.... including the shipping.
....... It does not mean if you rip the Velcro off the band or the Velcro is so full of hair that it won't stick anymore, the dog chewed it up, you measured incorrectly, fabric fade or shrinkage or if your dog doesn't like to wear a belly band.
....... It does not mean buying a 9.50" band clearly stated to fit 7.50 to 11.50 trying to make it fit a 16.00" waist and thinking the velcro is at fault when it doesn't stick. DUH! honestly DUH!

A little word about shrinkage... all my cotton fabric is pre-washed in very warm water and dried in a hot dryer all prior to sewing. Only a very minimal amount of shrinkage is going to happen maybe 1/8 of an inch over the life of your band. Definitely not enough to cause it not to fit.

WHOLESALE: Sorry but I do not wholesale. My prices are as low as I can possibly make them. I am not a mass producer ... I'm just a grandma sewing for pleasure and the love of dogs.

For FAQ and shipping info:

More information

Last updated on May 28, 2017
Frequently asked questions


For a Download of a Measuring Tape:


OUR PHONE: 888-537-6402


.....WAIST -Measure your dog’s waist from top of spine around the end of penis and up to the spine again WITH THE PAD for an accurate waist measurement.
.....WIDTH MEASUREMENT is important because there is no Velcro to make adjustments like there is on the waist. Measure from the center of your boys penis shaft to the tip of the penis... double that measurement. You want the end of the penis to be in the center of his belly band.
. . . Too narrow the boys pee out the edge,
. . . Too wide and the band twists, bunches or rolls-up. All bands do this not just SewDog Belly Bands.

For more detailed description


CARE: ... Machine wash warm water & tumble dry. Keep Velcro closed to avoid damage. To sanitize use 1/2 to 1 cup of White Vinegar in washer, NEVER USE chlorine bleach or fabric softener... oxy-bleach OK.


SewDog Belly Bands are underwear; No one wants to purchase a band that may have been on another dog. It's about safety and health.

For these reasons I do not accept exchanges or returns.

If you have ordered a too small band; for a small fee I can make you an extender. I should say in most cases. Purchasing an x-small band I can not make an extender to fit for a large waist. Generally 1" to 3" The velcro can't be along the side of your dog. Stiffness of the velcro will rub in all the wrong places.

If you have ordered a too large band; you can try adding an extra pad up the inside sides of the band to take up more space.

Or consider donating your band to a local rescue group. They are very much in need.


SewDog Belly Bands are made with three separate layers.
...By quilting the layers the band is stronger, durable & more stable.
...The layers don't shift.
...The batting will not wad up when washed and dried.
...A SewDog band comes out of the washer & dryer exactly like it goes in.
...Line drying is not necessary but the tag loop can be used for hanging up to air dry.
...It's handsome, very soft, unique & VERY comfortable for the dog.
...Yes, it's different and no one else quilts their bands. Because it's very very time consuming. But so worth it for you because it's going to last & last. You may tire of the fabric pattern before it wears out. Also because it's handsome!


I recommend and use the incontinent pads. Since Walmart changed the generic pads they use to carry; I now use and recommend the "Poise" brand of incontinent pads. I prefer the longest pad option. Since my boys are small dogs I cut my pads into thirds.

Scroll down on SewDog Etsy homepage and see how I cut and place the pads on the belly band.
But Sanitary pads work just fine too.

There are some dogs sensitive to the chemicals the pads are made with. You will know pretty quick if your dog is like this because a rash breaks out within a few hours. If this happens for a small fee I can make washable / waterproof pads to insert within the band. This way all that is touching your boy's skin is anti-pill fleece and cotton.


Several aspects of the SewDog belly band make it superior to most bands on the market today.

. . .Top quality materials go into a SewDog band: quilting quality cotton, anti-pill fleece, medical grade hook and loop tape, excellent grade fiber batting and even the thread is carefully selected. It's the first part to making a top quality belly band.

. . .The long tapered design is another vital element to a superior belly band. It's made to fit with the anatomy of your dog. Giving free range of motion & comfort.

It's going to last a long, long time.

But the real difference is the quilting; not just for looks. It's another step in making a strong, supportive, long lasting, comfortable and attractive belly band.


Absorbs 10x its weight in moisture at rates nearly 20x faster than traditional cotton, bamboo & hemp knit fabrics. Another great aspect of this fabric is its ability to spread the fluid and hold it within it's fibers even with when your boy lays on his belly band the fluid is not going to be squeezed out.

For absorption comparison -
One (1) Zorb layer equal to:
1.3 layers of fleece
2.25 layers of French terry
3 layers of flannel

Two (2) Zorb layers equal to:
5 layers of fleece
6 layers of French terry
8 laye

Made Of: A blend of cellulosic fibers from cotton/tencel/bamboo/other interspersed with polyester nylon

Maximum absorbency comes after a few wash/dry cycles.