StantonIsle's Shop Announcement

THANK YOU to my return customers and new ones who love and support my small business and leave great reviews !!
THANK YOU to my farmers,family and friends who bring us back all kinds of interesting beans and spices !
Stanton Isle is located on the East coast in Washington DC. We are a small Independent family business. We support Fair Direct Friendly Trade Natural and Organic.
********We have a write up in the Baltimore Examiner and Innovateus Magazine*********

I am Tania Stanton, a tea drinker from North London,England.
I buy & hand roast coffee in small batches a few days after your order comes in and I do not add the "essence" not all flavor syrup until your order is placed so you can be assured of a great tasting cup every time.

Our Baked goods are made with Organic ingredients and custom order.Please see each one for details.

We carry an assortment of wonderful gourmet sea salts so save that table salt to soak your feet and sprinkle truffle salt on your popcorn,citron flake salt on cheesecake, Alderwood smoked on your steak and more.

Try our wonderful Chickpea snack,one of my buyers calls it addictive and I agree.It is better than potato chips :) and I love Potato chips !!
Put on salads or eat as a snack.Garbanzo/chickpea is a much healthier alternative to potato chips.

Nearly all of the coffee out there is stale. The good news is that stale coffee is drinkable if you've never had truly fresh coffee.

How do you know if coffee is stale? Simple test: If it's bitter or flat, it's too late. Coffee is actually known by connoisseurs as a 'sweet' beverage. But shush... you're not supposed to know that. And who doesn't want you to know? Grocery stores and coffee chains who need way too much profit margin to sell you the very highest grades or freshest possible coffee (coffee in grocery stores sits on shelves for months).

I never use cheap coffee beans to make our flavored coffees. Only the finest beans are good enough to be blended with our premium coffee essence and organic flavors .
The coffee beans I purchase are produced without pesticides,synthetic fertilizers,bio engineering,or ionizing radiation.
I try to get beans that are also Shade Grown which ensures healthy habitat for migratory birds.

You are guaranteed to notice the difference as soon as you get your coffee from the mailbox...the aroma !

Once you've tasted truly fresh coffee, you'll be forever hooked. It will make you giddy every time you go to make a pot. Tingle right down to your toes. Reverberate around your head like a funky aura. That's because coffee, just a few days out of the roaster, is nature's most flavorful drink - more complex than even wine - containing well over 900 flavor compounds to dance on your taste buds. But after a few weeks, you'd be lucky to see half that number

Our Baked goods are made with Organic ingredients and custom order.Please see each one for details.

We are always adding new products so keep checking back.
Thank you for supporting our small business.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.