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"The best artist on the west coast."
– Patricia Keith, manager, Art Bliss Gallery, North Vancouver

"A global success and a Canadian favorite."
– Alana Stroud, Vancouver View magazine

"One of Canada's finest artists."
– Ethel Chung, co-owner, Park and Tiflord Framing and Art, North Vancouver

"Vancouver's best artist."
– Ron Ristan, co-owner of Downtown Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

"One of the best."
– Brinda Blanchette, co-owner, Smart Frames and Accents, Burnaby, British Columbia

"Obviously a great artist....The best of any artists' art depticting Vancouver."
– John Rocha, former president of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer club

"My husband and I went into a gallery in [_________] mall and all the stuff in there was godawful. Then we turned around and your art print was there like a little jewel. It was the only good piece in the gallery.

So many artists these days toot their own horns but their art is mediocre. You – on the other hand – are so good at what you do, and yet you remain modest.

You have a different take on things. Your art is timeless."
–Ellen Turner, real estate agent, Vancouver

"Very talented."
–Tyler Olson, Tyler Olson Art Auctions, Vancouver

"I can’t even put a value on the paintings. It’s by far the best cityscape work by any artist in Vancouver of our beautiful city. Nothing in our home gets noticed more than your paintings."
– Mike Averbach, Averbach Mortgages, Vancouver

"It's so unique. Nobody else on Earth paints pictures like that."
– Justin Blaylock, Averbach Mortgages, Vancouver

"Very unique and striking....catches the eye".
Dr. Jonn Matsen, naturopath, best-selling author and professor, North Vancouver

"I saw the original several years ago....Loved it then and love it now, so to have the original is fantastic....I simply love your paintings....Thanks so much for getting back in touch with me. You’ve made my day."
Gerry Barnes, Williams Lake, British Columbia

"A modern master....the legend."
– Dan Moffat, owner of Arzco Gallery, Vancouver

"I was introduced to your art work by a friend here where I work, and am completely enchanted by it! You have a glorious eye for color and an obvious love of our beautiful city."
– Karen D. Davis, Vancouver

"I've never seen an artist paint light the way you do."
– Jay Reyburn, owner of Lone Cypress Art and Frame, Port Moody, British Columbia

"I swear I have never seen anyone capture the suns rays
reflecting off the water the way you do."
– Anita Orendi, Vancouver

"Hello Tony. I just have to say how much I love your work! I cannot believe that you have so much talent. Your pictures are breathtaking. I know you won't think I'm mad, but I actually got quite emotional when I first opened up your Web site and saw those wonderful pictures. You are an amazing man!"
– Holly Roy, North Vancouver

"You're my favourite artist. I'm torn between you and my dad."
– Lynn Onley, painter and daughter of the late Toni Onley, who was acclaimed as one of Canada's leading artists and was a recipient the Order of Canada.

"When it comes to Vancouver images, you're 'it' ".
– Jacob Smith, Creekhouse Gallery, Vancouver

"I am a fan of your paintings....Thank you for your fabulous work!...Can't wait to have your work on my wall!"
– Julia Middleton, Vancouver

"My husband and I spent a week in British Columbia. Part of our trip was from Horseshoe Bay to the outer islands, including Keats Island off Howe Sound. We now have the pleasure of owning three memories of our experience. Your art truly captures the beauty of the British Columbia coast. Your work is just stunning, and your Web site is excellent!"
– Sandra Church, Mississauga, Ontario

"Your work is absolutely stunning."
– Lauren Epstein, Davies, Ward, Phillips and Vineberg law firm, Toronto

“After searching for the perfect painting of a Vancouver landscape, I was thrilled to discover your Web site, displaying such a variety of art that captures the beauty of our British Columbia scenery. Your print will be the focal point in our home, that will bring happiness and good memories of growing up in Vancouver. Your talent has enhanced the beauty of our beloved city....

We just hung our print, and absolutely love it! The colours and the lighting are amazing! It is really a wonderful focus in our home now, so thank you for making this happen. I look forward to choosing a second print to add to our home in the future.
Lynne and Ed Cook, Penticton, British Columbia

"A great talent."
– Rebecca Smith, Exhibits Manager for Vancouver Fashion Week

"You are so gifted. I really feel that you capture the beauty and the energy of being in Vancouver with your work, unlike anyone else. I love it! Carry on with what you do….You are great! Your work will live on forever, and is so fabulous!!"
– Cory O'Brien, Royal LePage realtor, Port Moody, British Columbia

We have a couple of your giclees in our office at Vision Critical in Vancouver. We just love your style and the local nature of your paintings.
– Kirstin and Brad Hallett, Vision Critical (market research company)

Just to let you know the poster [sic] arrived today! I am so very pleased with it. It looks great. Thanks again for your help."
– Jan Gordon, London, England

"Fabulous art."
– David Jones, owner of It's Worth Framing (frame shop, art gallery and wholesale fine art supplier for corporations and institutions) Calgary, Alberta

"Fabulous work!.. It's brilliant! Absolutely stunning!"
– Brown, president of Artistic Bliss art gallery chain, Vancouver

"Beautiful and amazing paintings!"
– Norine Braun, musician, Vancouver

"Your picture [Seawall Sunset] is my favorite pciture in my house."
– Irene Schneckenberger, Germany

"I love your work. I love your style."
– Brenda Campbell, Vancouver

"We just wanted to let you know that we have received the print through the post today - and it looks fabulous!"
– Mark Kingston, Oxford, England

"I have one of your prints in my living room and just love your work."
Ange Davidson, Coquitlam, British Columbia

"Your work is incredibly beautiful."
Jessica Fan, Director of Fundraising for Engineers Without Borders, Vancouver

"Fantastic! This [commissioned painting] is gorgeous! Tony, you did an amazing job."
Jennifer Milliron, Canaccord Genuity Corporation, Vancouver

"Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....These are beautiful works. I asked myself, 'How could he get it so right?' Each one is just so precious. It's a magical thing you do. I think your variety is exceptional. Thanks for the pleasure of your art!"
Alice Federenko, West Vancouver

"I don't know where I first noticed your art, but it is so dramatic in its composition, value range and colour that it is hard to miss."
– Peter Kiidumae, fine artist, Vancouver

He still had significant vision impairments, but despite that, went on to become one of Canada's most famous fine artists.

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