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Skin Apotheke is Fresh Handmade Organic Skin Care based on Ayurvedic Principals from India. PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES BEFORE BUYING. Shipping is 3-5 business days, you can log into your account to find out when your order is estimated to ship by, thank you so much for your patience while buying handmade :) Please check my other store

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science dating back to 1500 BC.
Ayurvedic beauty is holistic and does not believe in Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, petroleum based ingredients or synthetics. It derives its knowledge from the laws of nature which state that a person is made of many parts and when a part of our body malfunctions it disrupts all parts and the results show up as itchy, dry sensitive, unbalanced and aging skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, it gets affected by whatever we put on it and our health is directly affected by what we absorb and eat, knowing that also in today's world we can no longer be satisfied by lathering on our grandma's cold cream on our faces and bodies. We need to be maintained,feel beautiful and protected from all environmental damages we experience in our day to day lives.

I have created 100% natural, organically sourced, chemical free, Paraben and synthetic free products that deliver. I use only premium USDA certified organic oils, butters, flowers, herbs and other botanicals for all my skincare and never add anything artificial, I have incorporated some of the most effective anti- aging ingredients available on the market so that the quality and effectiveness of my products is not affected. I have also listed the organic content of each product.

My guarantee is for products that are gentle, organic, chemical free, and be as affective against aging as some of the high end products available on the market. The difference with Skin Apothke will be visible to you from the first use, you will experience healthy, balanced, beautiful skin like never before, hope you enjoy them.
All products are made and sold in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness.

Please also understand that I make all my products in small batches, even if I have formula's that I make continually every batch of product can have slight variations i.e. texture, look, color , consistency or smell all can vary batch to batch. If You feel there are any problems with your order of you have been shipped wrong items pl notify me immediately.

I use recycled packaging whenever possible and none of my products have been tested on animals or have ingredients in them that have animal testing.

I am a proud supporter of The Cove I support their cause and make donations to them. You can learn more about them at
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