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Welcome to creative monsoon our online art store on etsy. Here you'll find a beautiful selection of prints, nursery art, fingerprint guest books & unique digital mixed media artwork and design.

I am heavily influenced by pattern & love to incorporate found objects and recycled paper into my work. Security envelope lining is a particular favourite, stamps and vintage maps. Having recently become a mother for the first time I'm enjoying creating lots fun and colour nursery art inspired by nursery rhymes and story time with my little boy.

Digital mixed media is a combination of traditional art techniques
and computer technology. The starting point for a work can be anything from
a photograph, a mixed media painting and collage to a digital background
created on the computer. At various stages of the artwork process I photograph
my work, often with my iphone, which then gives me a base for a completely new artwork. The process of photographing the work then manipulating it digitally, printing it out, working on it with traditional painting, drawing and mixed media techniques, re-photographing it - means there is a continuous cycle of creation. Multiple works can stem from a single starting point.

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