cronincreations' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Cronin Creations where you'll find fun yet practical items for your pet. My sweaters are meant to be used, worn, played in, and comfortable. I make sweaters for dogs of any size from the tiny ones to the really big ones.

The advantages of clothing your dog:

~Warm your dog;in cool weather, an added layer of protection can make all the difference. On the coldest of days, even indoors, you may find him seeking warmth.

~Keep him dry; protect tummies of dogs with short legs from wet grass.

~Keep his coat clean, keep burrs and thistles out of his coat.
-Repel fleas and ticks, reduce insect bites.

~Cool him in hot weather by reflecting the hot rays of the sun. Under the hot sun and a hot fur coat he can suffer heatstroke.

~Add fun to holidays and events.

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