cuddlebugkids' Shop Announcement

Looking for cute and cuddly crochet patterns? Cuddle Bug Kids has got what you want! Over the next few weeks, CBK will become a crochet pattern only shop and my thumb and finger sucking designs are moving to a new Etsy store! Check out on Etsy to see ready to ship items.

Need help getting your thumb sucker to stop sucking or your finger sucker to stop sucking? Cuddle Bug Kids has designed finger covers that are cute and effective for kids who are ready to stop sucking and just need help remembering not to put their fingers in their mouth. These thumb guards and finger guards are handmade by me with lots of fun and playful colors!

Like my items? Please favorite my store so you can find me in the future! Etsy is a large place! Thanks for visiting!

Want a custom item? E-mail me and we can chat! I love working with folks to make unique sensory toys for their loved ones. Thanks for visiting!

All Cuddle Bug Kids items are personally developed and copyright unless otherwise noted in the listing. You are more than welcome to use my patterns to make and sell completed items as a cottage business out of your home!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.