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There has been an increase of the cost of shipping with USPS..The United States Postal Service. From 5.50 to 6.10 Domestic. The International rates have also gone up to 33.00!
I have not changed anything yet.
I will begin to edit my shipping profile so that it can be fair and honest. BTW, right now, it is $5.00 domestic and 20.00 international.. from my shop to ship a heavy package as well as one item..so buy in bulk ())))..you know that I do not make bulk anything!
International seems to high and dramatic, my goodness, from 26.00 to 33.00 dollars is too much and you must stay under 4 pounds otherwise they will charge a whole lot.
We must pay the emperor to use his road ways! Onward!

Now Back to me and us!

Making soap just for you. I do!
Do you love to be left with a memory after your bath? A feeling of grand fortitude and desirability times a thousand..yea?
I want to make you feel in love with yourself so much so that your musk just radiates with attraction for what you want, my friend.
You want the real thing and no hype, you want transparency and real ingredients not some junk name with letters!
I am telling you that super rich organic fats and essential oils are the way to great skin, happy skin, refreshed skin and never cracked skin. I have lines because it is ok, and, I am well nourished so that my skin is never dry.
I know that your skin is glorious after a shower with the old whore and your lady or man waits for you to get out of there so that they can smell you now...

Ingredients in the soap formula are as follow; organic coconut oil, cold pressed olive I would eat in my salad and other fats which are super fats, like, rose hip oil and cranberry seed oil. These fats are rich in reparative compounds and it is real. Rose hip oil is one of the most studied oil for lines and wrinkles. Shea butter, cocoa butter and organic jojoba are often added for more love and care..
I am looking at this for both a spiritual level and a very nutritional level. Do you want what is best for your skin and for your life? Study essential oils! I have for many years, it is my love in life and I seem to have a nose for the ambers and the deeply sweet patchouli vetivers. I can go light too, I promise!

Enjoy your visit through my ideas here and I hope you drop me a line sometime!

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