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****Welcome! Glad you found my little shop! ****on tumblr now ("inkhead")..... follow me and I will be forever grateful (and follow you back!). also starting out on instagram "bone_a_day" is still the title for now. Desparately need followers :) My tumblr has started a new monthly theme "Evidence" Right now is "evidence of mermaids". check it out :)
All my work is handcrafted by me in my studio in the woods in Portland, Oregon. I love to design and create jewelry and small sculptures. Thanks to all who allow me to continue to support my passions.

old news: (haven't kept track of recent treasuries)...Featured on Keep It Weird (October 23),Featured on Etsy Finds(April 19), and featured in more treasuries: (recent ones now listed under each item)...."Brush After Every Meal" (8/02), "Enchanted Forest" (8/01),Monsters Are OK" (7/29),"Creepy Cute" (7/27), "Sand beneath My Toes" (7/27), "Rusty Things" (7/15)'", "Man in the Moon" (7/13), "tooth and claw" (7/5), "Moons" (7/6), "Moon River, Wider than a Mile" (6/07), "You Know, It;s Science" (6/7), "The Evil Stepmother" (6/06),: "What do You Love about the Farmer's Market?" (6/06), "About Heart" (6/05), "Inspired by nature" (6/4), "when the bearded man sings me songs" (6/3), "Here and There" (5/28), "Forest Cafe" (5/25), "My Complements" (5/8), "Cameo's" (5/5), "My Heart Can't be Uprooted from my Soul" (5/3), "Sky Garden" (5/2), "Even if the Moon Bleeds out its Blood for Life" (4/26), "Shake that Thang!" (4/25), "Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas" (4/25), "I Love Rabbits and Hares" (4/20), "Organic Alchemy" (4/20), "Are We There Yeti?" (4/20), "Peter Cottontail" (4/16), "Mothers Day Collection" (4/15), "Will the REAL Easter Bunny Please Stand Up?" (4/12), "Kitties" (4/11), "A Little Outdoor Ditty" (4/10), "I am a Bunny" (3/20), "Emerging" (3/16), "Black Out" (3/14),"Fun Finds on a Gloomy Monday Morning" (3/14),"Keep on Dancing" (3/13), "Some Bunny Lovin'" (3/11), "I'm Down with Easter" (3/8), "After a Long Winter's Nap" (3/8),"March Fun" (3/8), "Bunny Love" (3/7), "Easter....Such Warm Memories" (3/3), "Blackbird Singing in the Dark of Night" (3/5), "Pendantic" (2/24),"Rabbits, Bunnies, Hares, Oh My!" (2/23),"Spring is in the Air" (2/21),"Love Found in Unexpected Faces and Places" (2/11), "Deliciously Delightfully Disturbing" (2/10), "Hoping against Hope" (2/4), "Artists Explore the Year of the Rabbit" (2/2), "Happy Valentine' s Day with Love and Good Cheer" (2/1), "Snazzy's Greatest Hits" (1/31), "International Shipping" (1/23),"Pod' (1/22),"Wild, Wild Beauty" (1/21),"Ice Princess or Spring Queen?" (1/20),"Sleeping Beauty" (1/20), "Reves Parlants" (1/19), "Step Lightly" (1/19), "He's a Lumberjack and He's OK" (1/15),"Valentine's Cabin Fantasy" (1/14), "Beautiful Bird Brooches that I would like to Wear on My Coat" (1/14), "Sky is the Limit" (1/13), "The Time has Come, the Walrus Said" (1/13), "Spring will Come" (1/10), "It's Getting a Little Hairy in Here" 1/8) "Not your Typical Valentine" (1/6). "Cryptozoology and Related Disciplines" (1/7), "La Lune, trop Bleme" (1/2), "Send Me a Postcard When You Get There" (12/23), "Comet Loves Cupid (12/29), "Oh Deer!" (12/21), , Elemental (12/21), It's such a Magical Place (12/2), Snowy Morning (12/3), and Stumped for a gift? (12/5). Featured in The Storque - Keep it Weird: Buck Up (August 20, 21). Currently featured on the Indie Artisans site (boo). Three new treasuries: Halloween Fun (10/1), This is Halloween (9/29) and Halloween Cuties (9/07) Also featured on Front Page, April 23 and Feb. 9 for antler rattle! Also in three Etsy Gift Guides: Gifts under $100, Holiday Ornaments, Woodland and Feathers, Featured again on the Front page (11/14 and 11/22), also on May 23 (rabbit rattle), Treasury Lists: Kept in the Dark and fed sh!t (Dec 10, 11, 12); EGG citing (March 20 - 23), stumped (April 18, 19, 20), Weird and Wonderful (May 18,19, 20)

2010 Rio Grande's Saul Bell Design Award! - first place in the Metal Clay category - (also won in '02, '08 and a finalist in '05)
Whole Lotta Whimsey e newsletter, April/May personalitiy interview. PMC Guild Newsletter article, and Metal Clay Magazine interview, June/July '10.

Also just accepted into the Racine Art Museum's permanent collection (2 small sculptures: Spring Shoe and Badigeon Beetle), Philadelphia Museum of Art (Anemone Ring), and the Newark Museum (Candy LInks necklace).

Will again be in Mobilia's Teapot show this spring and fall (three pieces) will post these on tumblr (inkhead)

Thanks for looking and please visit me again.

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Also: www.WendyWallinMalinow.com
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