hellodearkids' Shop Announcement

For those who haven't gotten delivery yet ,

I am very sorry for this unexpected delay. I am totally understand how frustrated all you would be while waiting for untrackable package from somewhere else across the ocean.

And, As a person who is in charge of whole process , I feel responsible enormously and might be depressed ever as much as you are in the midst of this situation.

Most of all, I 'd like to assure you that most of your orders have been shipped on the day as it was planned. If it wasn't, email would reach you first to inform you the possible delay with personal apology.

In this season, I've found that there has been such a series of delay so far very unlikely past years. Most of cases of delay, Those were stuck in the cargo in destination due to massive shopping spree stocks. Sometimes, You can't find the tracking number anymore because of transferring gap for overseas shipping.

Please, let me know by convo If you haven't gotten an items within days promised. So that I can track number back to find where that is. Technically, Once it is shipped, It's beyond my reach. There doesn't seem to much for me to do though, at least I will keep you in the loop and find the way to make it up after all. That's why we should work it out together.

From my experiences over past a few years, they will knock your door soon after you become frustrated.

Once again, I am very sorry for this delay.
Meanwhile, Be patient a little bit longer,please.

Thank you for your consideration as always.