millinginline's Shop Announcement

You are viewing handmade storage boxes uniquely designed to hold Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs 5ml bottles. I am a carpenter and fabricator by trade, and the original box was a handmade, one of a kind gift for my wife, who collects BPAL. Afterward, I was encouraged to produce these boxes for other people who collect and need a place to store these hand blended artisan perfume oils.
We are currently offering these boxes in three different sizes to suit individual need. While the unfolding book design is similar for all three, the cases vary to hold 60, 125 or 150 5ml bottles each with storage space below. This extra space is 3" deep with the length and width being relative to individual box size. This space can hold hundreds of sample size vials, taller 10ml bottles, decanting supplies or anything else you might fancy.
*Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, and BPAL are trademarked, and used with permission.