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Custom Metal Jewelry Tag Specialist.. We work in brass, stainless steel, sterling silver,copper,nickel and electroplated gold,rhodium. Min 50 pcs

Shop Ph: 800-869-9462 Ouzel [!at] me.com Mobile 510-621-8823

Dated 1/12/2016

I design the shape and size of the tag at the same time I design the surface decoration. I do one sided and two sided tags. Price is based upon size, qty, thickness. All standard finishes are the same price. Allow 40 days for single sided tags and 50 days for double sided tags.

Along with the standard brass and electroplated brass I can also do solid sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel silver.

We can add color to tags. We can clear coat them. We can polish them. We can hammer the surface. We can make tags with no holes and tags with multiple holes. The size and location of the hole is your decision.

We can add jump rings to match the finish. We have many sizes of jump rings

Standard shipping for a 2 ounce package $4.50 use, $6.50 UK and CAN, $8.50- 13.50 other places. If your package weighs more the price of the postage will follow. Priority mail in the USA is $8.50. Priority International is $22. We can also ship with other carriers.

INSURANCE: Clients must request and purchase insurance as an add-on. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Preferred contact method for USA clients: Phone conversation. Please call during my work hours. I will take notes and respond with a written proposal. Second preferred contact method is via Etsy Conversation. If, for some reason, you are not getting a swift reply please call. I want to respond immediately and fully to emails but sometimes it's just impossible. Please do not hesitate to call to discuss your tag project in person. A conversation on the phone is invaluable for me to know more about the project.

Mike Warner
800-869-9462 ( 510-222-1222)
10am- 6pm M-F
San Francisco Time Zone
Ouzel [!at] me.com

Mobile phone 8-10 pm PST 510-621-8823

Preferred contact method for new clients outside USA:
Etsy Conversations or phone.


Important Note: We do not specialize in rush orders. Our shop is better at custom design, speciality finishing and maintaining on-hand inventory. We do not specialize in rush orders. If you have a date you need the tags in your hands please include that information in your communication.

if you have a rush order there is a minimum order size which we can discuss on the phone. Rush orders are priced 30% higher than standard orders. Rush time frame will be discussed and agreed by conversation.


Preferred method of contact for reorders :
Subject line: "Reorder"
Ouzel [!at] me.com

Or, choose the $50 reorder deposit listing on my Etsy store and I will immediately send written confirmation. Reorders are discounted 10%. Reorders take the same 30-50 day cycle unless we have on-hand inventory of your tags.

My assistant is Mey. 800-869-9462.

The best tags, I feel, are when we collaborate together and the client gives art direction. Art direction can be in the form of computer files, sketches or doodles, or via this questionnaire. I may need to modify your art to work at the small scale and to stay legible so please contact me to go over things prior to making final artwork.

1. Art Direction and links to product and logo, or attach sketches and files
2. Name of Font, or style and case ( upper,lower,title)
and number of lines of text ?
3. Metal Finish(es) ?
4. Shape? 
5. Length x Width? 
6. Inside Diameter of attachment hole, location of hole?
7. Quantity you'd like quotes for?
8. Contact Info
9. Shipping type desired?
10. Your budget, if you would like to place a limit on per pc
11. Are you in CA. If so, Would you like tax free?

Please add as attachments any sketches or ideas you have that would help me understand visually where you want me to go.

Steps in the process with estimates of time:

1. Inquiry / quote and project number and notes ( 1-3 days)
2. Detailed art direction and art proposal as pdf or jpg file (1-30 days)
(It really helps if we can do the proposal and approval on the same day)
3. Approval (1-3 days)
4. Tag Production (20-30 days)
5. Surface finishing (5-10 days)
6. Invoicing and photography ( 1-2 days)
7. Shipping ( 1 day)
8. Follow up

We can do orders as large as 10,000 pcs. Larger orders are fast tracked.
We can make small sample runs to refine the decisions before doing a large order.
We can make charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, key fobs, pins, wedding charms.
We can add color in various ways.

Returning and Reorders Advice:
If you frequently reorder and like to get quick service please ask in advance and we will make on-hand inventory. With on-hand inventory we can finish and ship orders within 2-10 days. If you make frequent orders this service is at no charge. If you do not have a reorder history this service requires a 25% deposit.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.