pineconeman's Shop Announcement

So glad you have taking time to look at my Crafts, they are something I
am very happy about in showing you these unique one-of-a-kind Tommy's handmade craft work.


I am so very glad to have the opportunity to show you Tommy's Handmade Craft work, with ( personal ) (celebrity) and ( pets ) pictures, Inlay into a oyster shell. The list can go on and on with photo etc. Just about any subject you can think and vision of can be places in a Oyster Shell frame, which will be turn into a precious treasure heirloom for the family to enjoy for a life time.

The Oyster Shell is hard as a rock, and one of the oldest living species on earth, they are best known for the pearl with in them, and the tasty meat of the oyster is highly prized.

Most of the Oyster Shell that are used in my craft or call pacific northwest.

Each Oyster Shell has a personality of it's on which make them a One-of-a-kind, making them great to start your on personal collection to hang on your refrigerator with a magnet place on back of shell or put in a 3” display easel, to set on your desk at work or in a cabinet in a living area of your home. Where every you display them the hole family are going to love them.

And to make them even more personal is by having each one with there own personalized words added in the shell with up to 20 characters. So e-mail me your pictures today and see how easy it will be to start your collection with Tommy's Oyster Shells. all work,. American handmade craft.


1.) Please provide the .jpg photo you wish to have custom to the oyster shell, the better “photo” the better the out come.

2.) Because no one Oyster Shell or alike, photo cropping and lettering arrangement should be left up to my discretion. No more then 20 characters.

3.) Your choice of (refrigerator magnet) or (3' display easel)

4.) Please note your order will ship to your ESTY address. If you have a different shipping address, please include that information in the message to me.

5.) Tips: On photo and message:.

Copy and paste photo into ESTY message to seller, also the words you wish to have written in the oyster shell. You have three color to choice for.


If you're having trouble with the link (Please contact me.)