rachelledyer's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Art shop! I sell both original paintings and prints of dancers, animals, still life, portraits and much more.
Art is a tricky business because it is such a personal experience. If you put your passion into your work people will feel that energy and appreciate it. Every great piece of art is a glimpse into the artist’s soul. That artist just has to be gutsy enough to put themselves out there for people to see.
As a professional dancer and performer I am greatly inspired by movement and music. My artwork is motivated by my love and passion for dance. Painting acts as another outlet for me to reach a new audience and express myself artistically. I love the satisfaction of preserving a specific moment on stage or fleeting glance of a passionate performer. My art doesn’t have a great impact on society or an underlying message, other than do what you love and do it whole heartedly. I paint people, artists, dancers and things that inspire me; I hope they invoke the same sense of inspiration for you.

I hope you enjoy my shop! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like custom work done!

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This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.