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Most of my products are made to order, so please allow at least a week's time! Thanks for you patience!

Bath & Body products made from scratch with very high percentages of oils! Retro bridal birdcage veils, feather and flower fascinators!i Custom orders welcomed!

Every single B&B product I list in my
Shop is made from scratch, never any type of "base", except for soaps ( I use an all natural base and add botanicals, extracts, oils, clay, goats milk, Shea, infusions and hydrofoils, etc). 98 percent of my products are my own recipes I have formulated myself!

My skincare products are made with premium cosmeceuticals, all plant based, blending science with home formulating. My products are like those you find at high end cosmetic counters, but without the inflated prices.

I make skincare, hair products for dry and frizzy hair, plus a whole host of bath & body!

If you're buying for the guys in your life, I can change any label to fit a guy!

Many of the cosmetic actives I use are patented and have been through clinically trials, testing for efficacy. I will not make claims about any product unless it works like it should work. I will not sell any placebos.

All products are tested (on humans) before I sell them in my shop.

Did you know that almost all commercial creams, lotions, conditioners, etc. contain either very small amounts or even zero amounts of real oils and butters? Instead they are stuffed with synthetic emollients and hydrators.

I use REAL, luxury oils from fruits and seeds, each serving different purposes. I also am a proponent of silicones!

Don't worry, silicone never enters your body in any way (its molecules are too large to enter your skin cells) but can be a girl's best friend! Silicone is what gives face lotions velvety textures. Silicones are what smooth your face, taking off years from your appearance. They create glide and slip in lotions and never leave a greasy feeling on your skin.

They enhance hair conditioners to detangle, smooth the hair shaft, get rid of frizzies, and impart an amazing shine.

I study every day, researching all the latest ingredients for skincare and beauty. All of my products are fresh, usually made to order. And I use them myself! I get many compliments on my skin.

I make fascinator hair clips from a variety of feathers, silks and fabrics which I sew into flowers, and add vintage rhinestones, and freshwater pearl accents.

I do not use factory bought flowers or feather assortments. I make all flowers and fascinators by hand and buy only loose feathers.

I also sew retro birdcage veils in a variety of colors.

They are all the rage in Europe right now and Sarah Jessica Parker wore a blue one with her wedding dress in "Sex and the City". Here are pictures of it: http://tv.popcrunch.com/carrie-bradshaw-wedding-dress/

They are very 1940's, Hollywood glamour. Great for retro weddings or special occasions!

Wedding favor soaps! Bridesmaid gift sets! Anti aging bath and beauty kits!

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This is a convo / trade friendly shop!
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