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Welcome to Spoonier, home of (what used to be and will be again) the Largest Selection of Solid Sterling Silver Spoon Rings Handmade from Vintage Spoons Anywhere! Re-purposed flatware handcrafted into Stunning Jewelry with a Timeless and Unique look that is, Sizable to Anyone's Build, Stylish as well as Eco Friendly!

It means so much and brings me to tears with the amount of support we are getting from our Etsy community after the robbery. Thank You All!

We are rebuilding as quickly as we can! And we're are making custom rings and taking requests daily.

We Offer Free Re-Sizing & Re-Finishing for all Spoon Ring Purchases for the Life of the Ring

Here at Spoonier on Etsy you'll find vintage silver, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Deco spoon rings, and many other oddities. Our favorites are detailed floral and figural spoon rings, from lilies to daisies to chrysanthemums, and from goddesses to farm animals! Our organic designed rings hearken back to a time when silverware design was not only seen as art, but also as a celebration of nature. We specialize in unique and unusual sterling silver spoon rings, and all our spoon rings are made from original vintage silver spoons.


~1 There are many ways we can help you find your ring size! Or adjust a size after purchase. Just send us a message!

~2 We offer Free finishing! We brush finish all of our handmade rings, but do offer a few different finishing options:
- Cloth Polishing- shiny but still vintage with a satin brush finish slightly visible and still dark in the crevices
- Re Brush- keep the satin brush finish, but make the patina/ tarnish lighter
- Combination of 1 & 2- Lighten the patina with a re Brush, then give it a cloth polish.

(Quick explanation of what a "Brush Finish" is: All of our spoons are annealed and cleaned in pickle before they are bent- thus removing all natural patina. After bending and rounding, we apply a rapid oxidation with liver of sulfur that makes the entire ring black. We then remove this patina on all of the raised surfaces of the spoon ring with a microfiber wheel brush. This gently removes the patina from the more ornate parts of the ring and the inside of the ring by brushing it with the microfibers. This gives it a more satin finish that is easier to photo and looks more Vintage- Hence: Brush Finish)

~3 Feel free to ask us about our "Wish List" for items you may see that are no longer in our store or if you have a specific pattern you'd like to request.

~4 We do not offer engraving at this time, but we do remove them for free!

~5 To ensure a good fit, make sure to measure your finger from knuckle to knuckle and compare it with the amount of mm indicated in the ---specs--- location of the listing.

~6 We do offer FREE re-sizing on all Spoonier SPOON ring orders- no expiration! Some rings may be able to be pinched down a little, but due to the soft Sterling we use, any tools used may scratch or dent the silver! So the best thing to do would be to send it back to us, or get it sized at a local jewelry store. Please message us for details.

~7 Wholesale:
We are open to considering all offers! We offer more of a discount on items that have been around for a while or that we received as a large set, or bought for a discount ourselves- so Make us and Offer on Specific Designs or Quantities and we'll get you hooked up with the best prices we can! (While we love these rings like our children, we'd always prefer to find them new homes)

~8 Please allow 3-10 business days for domestic orders to arrive, and be sure to include a ring size if you weren't able to in the ordering process.

~9 May I have a Coupon Code?
Yes! Here is a 10% off code just for reading our super long shop announcement: THANKS4READING

TIPS FOR BROWSING OUR STORE: Utilize the sections on the left to narrow it down to the style you like best. Looking through the entire collection can be exhausting! Or send us a message!

Check out our store Section: ON SALE for the newest on Sale items! We will keep 10 to 25 items in this section at all times- so keep an eye out!

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Tami, Mike & Josh

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