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Welcome to – your destination for the best hand blended tea and freshly roasted coffee on Etsy!

I just placed several teabag varieties on sale in my shop....SAVE $$$!

***I can fit eight one pound coffees in a flat rate shipper. Stock up and save....only $18 for shipping. Convo me to set up custom listing or leave a note to seller and I will refund back to your account!

Now accepting payments from credit cards using Direct Checkout!

***Due to the recent international shipping rate hikes through USPS I have stopped posting shipping for outside of the US. If you are interested in a quote to your destination I am happy to oblige you and find you a rate, please be forewarned, the new rates are terribly high but I am happy to ship to you.**

***I now offer over 30 flavored and unflavored coffees...please make sure to advise in a note to seller whether you want the coffee ground at time of purchase***

If ever you fail to find what you are looking for, please convo me....I will list what you need. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping things listed, at times the listings sell quickly and in rapid succession. Thanks!

I invite you take a healthy and delicious journey with me. I have been perfecting my custom blended teas and coffees since 1994. My teas are blended fresh with real fruit, spices, roots, nuts and natural extracts to ensure your tea is flavorful and satisfying.

My coffees are medium roasted fresh and then flavored using the absolute best liquid flavorings. Whichever way you drink your tea or coffee, hot or can depend on my superior product and customer service to keep you satisfied!

I am quick to respond to convos and I am happy to put up custom listings. I am more than happy to change listing quantities or varieties to suit your individual needs... just contact me!

My Buyers Choice tea and coffee samplers allow you to select only the blends you want. Choose a variety of teas or coffees in one convenient selection.

For any information on shipping, polices and FAQ’s, please view my Shop Policies section…. Thank you!

I have a blog at for anyone interested, and I would appreciate if you could follow my progress!

Also, most of my teas and coffees can be enjoyed iced as well.

"For iced tea follow the same method as if you were making hot tea, using approx. 5 teabags for a gallon pitcher. First, add boiling water to the pitcher containing the teabags, steep for at least half an hour stirring occasionally, then let cool on a counter or table. Second, before you remove the teabags... lightly squeeze each teabag against the side of your pitcher with a spoon or spatula and place tea in the fridge to cool. Third, pour into individual servings, sweeten to taste, stir and add ice"

Here are my available blends in teabags at this time are:

Apple/Cinnamon Green tea
Apricot Black tea
Apricot Splash White tea
Apricot/Strawberry Herbal tea
Blackberry Oolong tea
Black Currant Black tea
Black Raspberry Black tea
Blueberry Black tea
Blueberry/Blackberry Herbal tea
Chai Black tea
Chai Decaf Black tea
Chai Green tea
Chai/Vanilla Black tea
Chai Yerba Mate tea
Cherry Herbal tea
Cherry/Orange/Almond Black tea
China Green tea
Chamomile Herbal tea
Cinnamon Black tea
Citrus Rooibos Herbal tea
Citrus White tea
Cranberry Black tea
Cranberry/Apple Herbal tea
Cranberry/Orange White tea
Earl Grey Black tea
Earl Grey Decaf Black tea
Earl Grey Green tea
English Breakfast Black tea
Ginger Green tea
Gingerbread Black tea
Green Decaffeinated tea
Irish Breakfast Black tea
Jasmine Green tea
Lemon Green tea
Lemon/Honey Green tea
Mandarin Orange/Mango Herbal tea
Mango Black tea
Oolong Green tea
Orange Pekoe Black Decaf tea
Orange Spice Green tea
Orange Mate tea
Peach Black tea
Peach/Mango/Orange Oolong tea
Peach/Pomegranate Green tea
Peach Rooibos Herbal Tea
Peppermint Black tea
Peppermint Herbal tea
Pomegranate/Blueberry White tea
Raspberry/Peach Herbal tea
Rose Green tea
Sleepy Blend Herbal tea
Sencha steamed Green tea
Spearmint Herbal tea
Strawberry Black tea
Strawberry Oolong Tea
Strawberry/Vanilla Black tea
Vanilla Black tea
Vanilla Rooibos tea


My available blends in loose leaf teas are:

Black Currant Black Tea
Chai Black Tea
China Green Tea
Chocolate Energy Tea
Christmas Black
Cranberry Hibiscus
Earl Grey Black Tea
Earl Grey with Lavender Black Tea
English Breakfast Black Tea
Ginger Turmeric Green Tea
Ginseng Green Tea
Hibiscus Rosehip Tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Lemon Ginger Black Tea
Lemon Green Tea
Lemongrass Mate Tea
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Orange Oolong Tea
Orange Pekoe Black Tea
Orange Spice Black Tea with Bergamot
Pomegranate and Lavender Green Tea
Pomegranate Rosehip Tea
Pomegranate White Tea
Tropical Coco Mango
Vanilla Black Tea
Vanilla Rooibos Tea

I am happy to save you some money by shipping gifts of tea or coffee directly to a secondary address for you....just ask!

My available coffees are:

Toasted Almond,
Banana Cream Pie,
Blackberry Brandy,
Blueberry Pie,
Butter Rum,
Caramel Nut,
Chocolate Almond,
Chocolate Chai,
Chocolate Cherry Cordial,
Chocolate Hazelnut,
Chocolate Mint,
Chocolate Orange,
Chocolate Raspberry,
Cinnamon Hazelnut,
Cinnamon Pecan,
Coconut Cream Pie,
Creme Brulee,
French Vanilla,
Irish Cream,
Macadamia Nut N Cream,
Maple Cream,
Michigan Autumn,
Mocha Mudslide,
Orange and Vanilla Creamsicle,
Pecan Pie,
Pistachio Ice Cream,
Pumpkin Pie,
Red Velvet Cake,
Strawberry N Cream,
Sweet Treat,
Vanilla Almond
Vanilla Hazelnut
White Chocolate

Medium Roast Unflavored,
French Blend Dark Roast
Dark Roast Unflavored

Decaffeinated Unflavored
Decaffeinated Caramel and Nut
Decaffeinated Hazelnut
Decaffeinated Pecan Pie


Weight loss effectiveness slideshow for tea!

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***Here are some tea steeping guidelines for you:

Green tea - You will need to be more gentle with your green teas. The water temperature should be around 150-160F and only steeped for 2-4 minutes.

Black tea and Rooibos - Black tea and Rooibos are very hardy and will require a full boil and steeping for 5 or more minutes.

White tea - Another delicate tea that should be treated gently. Water can be a bit warmer than for green tea, at 180F. You should let it steep longer though. At least 4-6 minutes.

Most herbal teas - With so many different herbs that can be used for herbal tea blends, there is no way to give any temperature or steeping guidelines with any accuracy. Most herbs can be brewed in boiling water and steeped for about 5 minutes. You might need a bit of trial and error to get the perfect cup.

If you don't have a thermometer handy, you can tell the water temperature by watching the bubbles. Small bubbles will float to the surface of the water 160-170F, and you'll see strings of bubbles from the bottom of the kettle at 180-190F. After that, you'll have a full rolling boil.

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