vickiwelsh's Shop Announcement

***Please read below for details about new shipping rates***

Hand dyed fabric is my passion. I have developed over 500 custom color recipes using Procion MX dyes that I use to create custom dyed gradients, quilt backings,stash packs and fabric palettes for customers.

In my shop you will find some of my gradients, color palette fabric packs, quilt backs and other one of a kind fabrics. I can create any of the fabric palettes in custom yardage. If it’s not in my shop just converse with me through Etsy. I love special orders!

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========== ABOUT MY HAND DYED FABRICS ==================
I use Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dyes with a low water immersion dyeing technique and vary the technique to get high and low textured fabrics. All of my fabrics are soaked once with Synthrapol in water at least 140 degrees, rinsed and Synthrapol-washed again in hot water and rinsed a final time in cold water. There are no fragrances used in any part on my process. The fabric is preshrunk and ready for you to use.

I have done color fastness testing of my general processes and find the dyes to be colorfast, however you should do a test yourself of this specific fabric to make sure it is colorfast for your washing process. I always machine wash my finished quilts with my fabrics but use a Color Catchers® or similar product as a precaution to catch any loose dyes.

You can read about my process to remove excess dye here:

I use USPS Flat Rate for all shipping unless otherwise requested. I do not ship USPS of FedEx.

For US Residents: Shipping will be $6.45 for all orders (except large kits) no matter how large. I can usually get 7 - 8 yards of fabric in a flat rate envelope. Large kits are priced at the Medium Flat Rate box price and I absorb the cost for that.

For non-US Residents: Shipping for up to 8 yards is $23.95 to Canada and $32.95 everywhere else. Orders over 8 yards will be shipped in 2 separate flat rate envelopes (because it's less expensive) and you will be invoiced through Paypal for the additional postage. Etsy just doesn't have an easy way to process additional postage. You have the option of requesting FIRST CLASS for orders under 3 yards. You will be charged the Flat Rate amount but I will refund any excess shipping charges. Just indicate that you want first class shipping in the comments.