Vmikro's Shop Announcement

I design jewelry and decorative sculpture.Continuing an inspirational and successful career (from the showcases of the BenakiMuseum in Athens, the Teloglion Arts Foundation in Thessaloniki and many galleries), Imaintained my own shop in the heart of Athensfrom 2004 to 2011, showcasing exclusively my creations.
My work is characterized by a creative relationship with the material I work with, which is noother than the wire. Woven in the most unlikely shapes and designs, it is transformed into suns, globes, flowers, spirals, moons, all in different shades of copper, gold and silver. Repeated pattern creations of insects, bees, ladybirds, butterflies seem ready to fly.My jewelry is versatile and can be worn in different ways. Bracelets can be made into necklaces and vice versa.
I studied sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Athens,Greece.
Many projects of my work have been shown in newspapers and magazines.
Nowadays I partner with shops and galleries.
Ihope you enjoy it!
Thanks for visiting!