Element83's Shop Announcement

Bismuth is an extraordinary natural element that freezes as metal crystal with fascinating maze patterns. I melt all of my metal myself to purify it and to assure an extra, extra long cooling cycle which yields larger, broader crystals. These are stronger, more lustrous and most importantly filled with a vibrant array of swirling colors. This is the ideal for jewelry and sculpture.

There are no molds or paints or patinas to my crystals. They grow according to their own rules. They paint themselves with the air around them.

You know that friend who swoons at unique gifts? Thoughtfulness is the bounty, and a beautiful find is more exciting than a brand name. Here you will acquire that special treasure to show her that you thought of more than their profile. You understand and enjoy their personality. It doesn't matter what you buy her from my shop. She's not going to stop talking about it

Bismuth is beautiful to the thinker and the feeler. It's mind blowing structure is juxtaposed with its gorgeous colors giving it a balance you will find in no other jewelry. It is unique in the extreme, and you may never meet anyone else adorned with it. Add a little structure and color to your ensemble. Move up 4 protons to beautiful, fractal bismuth jewelry and art. Move up to element83!

Element83 specializes in unique, fractal bismuth jewelry, free-standing crystals and gravity defying sculpture. I don't make anything here with crystals I don't grow myself. I like to make interesting gift boxes for you to present them in. It's my goal to make a memorable impression, whether you're giving a gift or ordering for yourself.
Expect speechlessness. (the good kind).
My fractal jewelry covers a wide range including pendants, earrings, finger rings and bracelets. Special orders for cuff links, bridle charms and tie pins are always welcome.
There is almost never an extra charge for custom. In fact you're helping me learn more about what customers want. I should probably pay you for that.


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.