Element83's Shop Announcement

All purchases in November and December are returnable until January 31st. My bismuth jewelry is crafted from iridescent metal crystals that grow as the element cools. Bismuth crystals show us how order can arise out of chaos and how even science can sometimes be beautiful.

I first discovered bismuth while teaching my children the virtues of blending science and art. We were gathering samples of elements for our periodic table collection. I had been looking for a way to make chemistry seem more real to my scientifically inclined children for a while. Ink on paper is unsubstantial, but what if I made a mold, and cast art in different metals like zinc, aluminum and lead. Then we would have samples that they could see and feel. They could hear the different sounds that the metals made when dropped on the floor. They could pound them with hammers to see if they bent or broke or shattered.
It was an exciting project, so I was a little saddened as we approached the last few "stable" elements. When I reached the end, however, my perspective changed. This "end of the line" for stable elements had amazing properties that I had never heard of.

Bismuth is a little known metal, and is scarcer than silver in the earth's crust. In fact, there is currently only one mine in the world operated primarily for its extraction. I buy it, melt it and purify it. When it cools, the crystals form under a crucible of liquid metal as it slowly freezes. They come out of the molten metal the color of silver. Then they "choose" their own colors over the next few seconds, sometimes minutes. They gradually change from silver to gold to purple to cerulean, etc. It's awesome to watch, and it never gets old! It stops on its own accord.
Bismuth's weight is similar to silver's. As an artist, scientist and technician, I am perpetually entranced with this metal. It is the most diamagnetic metal on earth and can cause a magnet to levitate without the consumption of any energy. It is stable, perpetual and breathtaking to watch. See my "Sculpture" section for the most beautiful example. It has the longest half life on any element and is used in modern medicine. It is the only element that has been successfully transmuted into gold. (Search NobelLaureate Niels Seaborg of Berkeley University in California.)
So let's review. This amazing element defies gravity, heals the sick, creates order and even beauty out of chaos and is the only metal to fulfill the most sought after goal of alchemy. Can you understand my fascination?!

Bismuth Crystal is my art and area of expertise. All of my jewelry is made with this amazing metal. Bismuth is an extraordinary natural element that forms metal crystal with fascinating cubes, steps and maze patterns. I personally grow all of my crystals to insure superior structure for jewelry and art. This is done extra slowl and produces stronger and more lustrous crystals filled with a more vibrant array of swirling colors.

There are no molds or paints or patinas to my crystals. They grow according to their own rules. They paint themselves with the air around them.

You know that special someone who swoons at unique gifts? Thoughtfulness is the bounty, and a beautiful find is more exciting than a brand name. Here you will acquire that special treasure that will make a memorable impression.

Bismuth is beautiful to the thinker and the feeler. Its mind blowing structure is juxtaposed with its gorgeous colors giving it a balance you will find in no other jewelry. It is unique in the extreme, and you may never meet anyone else adorned with it. Add a little structure and color to your ensemble. Move up 4 protons to beautiful, fractal bismuth jewelry and art. Move up to element83!

Element83 specializes in unique, fractal bismuth jewelry, free-standing crystals and gravity defying sculpture. I don't make anything here with crystals I don't grow myself. I like to make interesting gift boxes for you to present them in.
Expect speechlessness. (the good kind).
My fractal jewelry covers a wide range including pendants, earrings, finger rings and bracelets. Special orders for cuff links, bridle charms and tie pins are always welcome.
There is almost never an extra charge for custom. In fact you're helping me learn more about what customers want. I should probably pay you for that.


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