Wooditis' Shop Announcement

Thanks for checking out my ETSY shop!

I'm a woodworker in Las Vegas, where I build custom furniture. I also make tile, for inlaying in the furniture I build. While woodworking is my "day job"- working with clay is my passion.

Ceramic pieces are SO MUCH easier to ship than large pieces of furniture!

Somewhere along the way, I became obsessed with making sushi dinnerware, probably because I could never find any that I truly liked! These days, I'm all about elevating the sushi experience - whether it's making great dinnerware, or building custom tables for dining.

I add a lot of tile into my furniture, with funky, fun designs. Wood just seems happier next to a piece of clay.

To see more of my work, or to contact me directly, visit my website at I also publish a woodworking/ceramic blog, discussing anything from my current commission to rants about anything from tools to studio frustrations. Join me at

Wood and clay? It's all good.