Tutu's bunching. How to prevent this?

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Original Post

elabraleon says

Just purchased some adorable fancy tutu flower girl dresses for my daughters. One big problem... when they walk, the tutus bunch up and look all crumpley! Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
Many Thanks,

Posted at 4:50pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT


fairycute says

Is it because the tulle is sticking to whatever they are wearing underneath? If so, you might need to have them wear a slip of some kind underneath the tutu. Something slippery that the tulle won't stick to and bunch up.

Posted at 6:05pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

Yes, try a slip, if you want you can do a search and find some stores here who make and sell slips for tutu dresses. Personally, I think a lining material would work better the the nylon style you find in a store.

Leggings are another thing to try if you have some available already.

Posted at 6:22pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT


I had to come back and share this, her price is amazing and I think it would make the traditional tutu dress much more comfortable to wear.

Posted at 6:42pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

elabraleon says

It's not what they have or don't have on under it, it's like the tutu material is sticking to itself... getting all clumpy instead of hanging loose and flowing. I did stitch in some slips already. This helped it from getting caught between their legs, but didn't resolve the clumping problem altogether. Thanks for the ideas, and the slipdress is so cute and affordable. Good ideas, but i am still stumped as to what to do...

Posted at 9:22pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

Hmm. I will think more about this. What does the material feel like? Is it pretty stiff or is is soft? Also, is it static that's making it stick together?

Posted at 10:01am Sep 10, 2010 EDT

fairycute says

Is it a really long tutu dress? I often wondered how those stayed "down". Tulle is so light it kinda floats and if it gets stuck...yup, you have those bunchy problems.

Hmm...I think its just the nature of tulle and the longer it is, the more likely it is to get stuck on itself. Maybe humidity plays a part too?

If it's static, try some hairspray between the layers, or put a light coating of moisturizer on your hands and "comb" though. Like you do for nylons when your skirt is sticking to it. ;) Not sure if your tutu is for personal use or sale though.

Posted at 12:43pm Sep 10, 2010 EDT