Kristin Henry's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

AAA Support Team

We are here to give advice,support and be there when you have questions!


for testing ArtAtomic ideas

Astro & Neutrino

In awe of the beauty of the universe? We discover and promote artists and artisans interested in sciences from biology to astrophysics.

Big Social Media Team

Users post, collect and organize products and follow people and stores they like.

Biologists of Etsy

Biologists and artists may be polyphyletic in style, but ultimately we're all in the same clade.


You know what I mean. All are welcomed with hugs and sparkles.

Craft Fairs... it's a living!

For members who make their living at Craft Fairs.


Etsy is hard. We're easy! The only place for chatting about everything . - Beware Cheap Imitations! -

ETC. Games Team

Games are fun. Let's play!