Etsy Payments

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Give shoppers more reasons to buy from you

Etsy Payments gives your buyers a range of different payment options and lets them pay in their local currency. It all ends up in your bank account on a deposit schedule you create.

Paypal Visa Mastercard American Express Discover Apple Pay Google Pay Ideal Sofort Klarna Giftcard

Why Etsy Payments?


Buyers want more ways to pay

Etsy Payments gives them many options, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Etsy gift cards. Actual fact: Shops that enable multiple payment options see 49% higher sales than shops with just one. *


Simplified finances that you control

We'll deposit all sales into your bank account in your local currency, no matter how buyers pay. You can get paid daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Request additional deposits anytime.


We've got your back

All sales processed with Etsy Payments qualify for our Seller Protection Policy. Our payment specialists and fraud-detection systems work around the clock to support and protect you.

*According to a 2016 Etsy analysis, in countries where Etsy Payments was available, active sellers using Etsy Payments saw more than twice the revenue (on average) of active sellers not using Etsy Payments.

Is there some complicated fee structure?

Nope. It's free to set up and you'll pay just for each sale.

Learn more about fees on Etsy


Get paid

If you choose weekly deposits, we’ll send the payment to your bank every Monday. It typically takes 2–3 days for banks to make them available to you.


Why do I need to have Etsy Payments for my shop?

In order to provide a consistent experience for buyers, Etsy is requiring that all eligible sellers offer Etsy Payments in their shop. This allows buyers to pay using any of our 10 payment options in Etsy shops worldwide. As a seller, you’ll be included in Etsy-wide offers, such as multi-shop checkout, shipping features, and seasonal promotions.

How do I add Etsy Payments to my shop?

To turn on Etsy Payments, go to your payment settings. You’ll be asked for your credit card, bank account, and residential address for receiving deposits. You will also be required to verify your personal identity. It should take less than 10 minutes.

What are the fees for using Etsy Payments?

Like most payments processors, our fees vary from country to country - check out this FAQ to see your country’s fees. Payment processing fees are taken from the item’s total sale price, including its shipping fees and any applicable sales tax or VAT.

Will I need to use Etsy’s PayPal or can I keep my PayPal sales separate?

In order to provide a consistent experience for buyers, Etsy is mandating that all eligible sellers accept credit cards and mobile payment methods through Etsy Payments. We recommend that you use our integrated PayPal offering so all of your sales go to your bank account no matter how your buyers pay but you can choose to keep your PayPal sales separate and get paid to your personal, standalone PayPal account. Learn more.